The idea to surprise your man should always linger in the back of your mind. There’s hardly any other way to prove your feelings and add up a nice memory to your collection. It doesn’t always take a lot of efforts, time or money, and the following guide is here to provide you with original and helpful tips on how to surprise your boyfriend.

Top 16 Tips on How to Surprise Your Boyfriend

These are not step-by-step tips but rather a collection of recommendations to get in the right mood with a proper attitude that both of you are sure to enjoy.

Do your homework

Before setting out to surprise him, spend some time on researching his background without asking him direct questions. You may want to ask his friends and relatives around, or even use them as your conspirators to plan at a larger scale.


Fish for his likes and dislikes

When planning your surprise in advance, use every chance to get him talking about what he likes and dislikes, what he dreams of and would like to try out. These are good stepping stones, and you can always rely on this first-hand information in order to give his the surprise that will truly be a hit, not a miss.


Be original

When thinking about how to surprise your boyfriend, don’t be trivial. The things that are appreciated most of all always come from the heart and are usually hand-made or prepared solely by another person without any professional help. Follow this line of thoughts and stay as close to it as possible.


Plan the timing

Not every time is a good time for a surprise. If you are of a delicate type who is anxious about every reaction and feedback, plan around the time when he’s most relaxed and likely to pay back with a thoughtful gratitude. If you think he’s too strained all the time, maybe it’s a perfect moment to take him for a proper holiday.


Don’t wait for the occasion

Surprises work best when he doesn’t expect them, which means you shouldn’t wait for the next Valentine’s Day or his birthday to give him something special. Bringing more pleasant surprises in your everyday life means more than falling in line with common expectations.


Give him a new experience, not a thing

It’s true that to know how to surprise your boyfriend means thinking outside the box. It’s easy to give him a random present you bought at a local supermarket, but to give him a whole new experience he would remember is much harder – but not impossible. This approach also allows you to join him in this experience, so that you can enjoy it together.


Take him out of the world he’s used to

Following the same routes over and over again is exhausting. If you want to really surprise him, don’t hesitate to come up with something daring and even a bit dangerous. Who knows what this adventure can give you – an experience for a lifetime or another opportunity to learn each other much better, but it’s bound to bring you closer.


Nail your cooking skills

This is indispensable in any relationships, if only he’s not a chef at a Michelin restaurant (and even then you could still surprise him with the perfect lasagna). With incredible cooking skills, you can always throw a dinner he needs in the end of the working day, with no hassle. Add a few candles and wear a nice dress for greater effect and treat – like, literally treat – your man with your gorgeous meals.


Get into his shoes for a day

When thinking about how to surprise your boyfriend, try to look at his typical day with his eyes and arrange everything appropriately. What would he want most after work? Is that rugby game really something he’s dying to see? Guess his wishes and don’t be too egoistical not to make them come true even if yours are not considered in this case.


Invite his friends…

For a surprise party or a well thought out adventure, engage his friends as your allies and participants. He would be delighted to live through this experience knowing that he has so many amazing people in his life.


…or make for just you two

It’s fine to want some privacy too. Getting ready for a romantic getaway, you wouldn’t want any other people to join you, especially when the hassle of your life doesn’t leave much time to enjoy each other. Depending on the situation, you can cut off everything to go for a weekend break in the wild or in a different country altogether.


Re-enact your first date

It can turn out to be an incredible experience – to go back in time and relive all your first precious moment together, re-enacting your first date, kiss, sex step-by-step to light up the fires that ignited your whole romance.


Get naughty

When it comes to how to surprise your boyfriend in bed, tons of literature can be written, really. To cut it short, don’t slip into boredom, as surprises in bed is something you both should constantly work on.


Keep it memorable

During and after your surprise, it’s nice to make some keepsakes – little charms, photographs, notes, scattered miscellanea to remind you about it later, or to give you something to share with other people as well, at family gatherings or on social media. It’s nice to have it made by you yourself, but instant photos can work great just as much.


Get on with his family

This is a bit unexpected, but you can really surprise him indirectly, by getting along with his family or the people who are dear to him. Ask them if they need some help, or invite them to stay with you for a weekend, or pick up his little sister from school. This is really something that can say a lot about your feelings and prove your serious intentions.


Don’t forget about suspense

And the last tip is surely about learning to keep all your arrangements secret and don’t let the cat out of the bag. If you have other people involved, they should stick to the rule as well. Although, mentioning some intriguing details always helps to build up the tension and make him anticipate this ‘something coming’ more eagerly.


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