Expressing your love for your girlfriend through action is the best way to keep the magic alive. Doing simple things that she doesn’t expect not only affirms your love, but also makes her feel good about having you as her boyfriend. While remembering the important dates in your lives is vital to a healthy relationship, being spontaneous and learning how to surprise your girlfriend is equally important in making her happy.

Here are some excellent tips for giving your life with your girlfriend a healthy dose of excitement.

14 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend


Gifts, gifts, and small gifts

No, you don’t have to mortgage your future and buy her diamonds. If your girlfriend truly loves you, she will appreciate the thought you put in your gifts more than their monetary value. It will make her even happier if you give her simple gifts for no reason at all.


Surprise her with a visit

Make an unannounced visit to her home or workplace. Remember to bring a bunch of her favorite flower to emphasize the fact that you really is visiting her and not just passing by near her place.


Plan a date without her knowledge

Plan a simple date but don’t tell her about it. Take care of everything – reservations, tickets, and even her dress. Just imagine what she’ll feel when she comes home and find you holding her favorite dress in one hand while and the tickets to her favorite play on the other hand.


Leave a trail of notes

Surprise your girlfriend by expressing your love and appreciation for her the traditional way. Forget about text message or Facebook status, what’s more exciting is leaving a trail of notes around the house telling her sweet things like “Life is complete because of you”.


Cook her favorite meal

This is a cannot-miss proposition. If you are a good cook, this is one way of how to surprise your girlfriend and show off your culinary skills. But if, on the other hand, you are not good in the kitchen, you will still earn brownie points, because no girl can resist a man who puts in extra effort just to make her happy.


Record your greetings in a CD

Nothing beats a simple surprise with a personal touch. And what’s more personal than giving her something with your voice in it? It will be extra sweet if you are a good singer. Just sing her favorite song and burn it into a CD, then put it in her car’s stereo so that it will be the first thing that she’ll hear when she drives in the morning. Add a few lines of sweet message for her and you’ll surely make her day much brighter.


Do something crazy

Join in a karaoke singing contest even if your car’s engine sounds better than your voice. Or, audition for a television game show together. If you’re adventurous, you can try bungee jumping or sky diving. There’s just no limit to what you can do when you leave sanity behind for a moment.


Take a trip to a special place

No, you can’t take her to Disney Land unless you’re both twelve years old. Surprise her with a drive to the place that has a special meaning to your relationship. It might be the old school building where you first met, or the noisy school canteen that you frequented when you were in college. You can add some romantic touches to the place if you can afford it. A recreation of your first date, complete with the old waiter serving you is something that is really sweet.


Surprise her with a party

Mark a special day in her life and prepare a party for her on that date. You can enlist the help of your friends or her family for added impact. The scenario of her coming home to a dark house, where you and the party goers have hidden in one of the rooms, has been played over and over in movies but just never get old. It might take a little preparation, but this simple way of how to surprise your girlfriend really works.


Do her house chores

Couples who are living in together normally have their own chores at home. Surprise her by doing her assigned chores so that when she gets home from work, all she has to do is lie back and rest. Wash the dishes, prepare the food, walk the dog, do the laundry – basically be the maid for a day and watch her face light up when she realized what you’ve done.


Go shopping with her

Girls love to shop, period. And your girlfriend is no different no matter what she says. One way of how to surprise your girlfriend is by volunteering to accompany her in her next trip to the mall. Whether she wants to buy something or just want to rummage through random stuffs, stick by her side and show her that you are enjoying yourself also. Don’t ruin the mood by looking bored or annoyed by her endless and seemingly aimless wandering around the store.


Help her relax

Treat her to a whole day of relaxation to help keep her mind off work and family induced stress. Give her a slow massage, cook her a nice meal, take her to a movie, or have a picnic in a nearby park. Anything that will help her forget the things that stress her will make her appreciate you more.


Make a CD of her favorite songs

This is one way how to surprise your girlfriend that techies will love. Just make a list of her favorite songs, or even songs that mean a lot to both of you, and burn them into a CD. It will be even more romantic if you can create a nice graphic, with dedications, print it into a sticker paper and make it the cover of the CD.


Give her a ring

No, it is not what you think it is. A random call during the day to ask how she’s feeling or if she needs anything is really sweet. That will tell her that you are thinking about her. Time your call when she is taking a break, or just after lunch so as not to interfere with her work.


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