Talking to a girl, especially for the first time, is scary and brave. Both she and the society expect you to be unworldly original and instantly smashing – not something a little shy guy can show effortlessly. But once you’re armed with the secret knowledge of pressing her right buttons, how to talk with girlfriend will never be a question for you again. We’ve combined a comprehensive list of things to remember when approaching a girl – feel free to make it your cheat note.

Top 5 Tips for Holding a Conversation with Girlfriend

Let’s start with top 5 tips that will help you break the ice and keep her from turning you down outright. It’s not a difficult art to master; the key is just to be attentive, amiable and determined.

Remember what actually brought you together

Nothing works better than to seize the moment and hold on to the situation that brought you together in the first place. Hanging out at a night club (“So you like electroclash, right?”), sitting next to each other on a bus (“Are you going to…? Do you live there?”) or bumping into each other in the street (“It’s a nice day for taking a walk, isn’t it?”) – use it as a conversation starter and you’ll find out easily how to talk with girlfriend.


Probe for the common ground

Start talking casually about music, movies, art, video games – this is a sure way to stumble upon some common ground and the interests you may share. It’s also a great chance for you to show off that you are actually cultured and well-bred. Because if you’re not, your odds are not very high anyway.


Talk less, listen more

Once you break the ice, keep it rolling by giving her a chance to talk more. And not only just talk, but talk about herself – this may be not only a never-ending topic (which helps you enormously), but also a good sign of your genuine interest in this lady.


Spice it up

You don’t want it to start with an existentialist drama, do you? So why not framing your conversation around some light-hearted topics, occasionally spicing it up with a relevant quote or a good joke? Let her remember talking to you as an entertainment not torture.


Wrap it up nicely

Any conversation sooner or later draws to an end. If it’s time to part your ways, make sure you give her some calls to action and don’t forget to agree on another date or casual meet-up. This will give her a sense of continuity and agitated expectation, so that next time you won’t have to wonder how to talk with girlfriend at all.

7 Interesting Topics to Talk About with Girlfriend

The following ideas work well for any occasion, be it the first date or your lazy chat before going to sleep.

Daily highlights

When not together, you both have your own lives to live, or don’t you? Ask her about her day and listen attentively as she shares her little stories about colleagues, friends, things she’s read and food she’s eaten. It actually helps to build stronger bonds with each other.


Breaking news

You may be quite indifferent about (usually bad) news coming daily from all fronts of the planet, but discussing the latest conflict or social media trend will definitely help you understand her views and opinions better.


Gadgets & tech

Unless you’re sure she won’t tolerate your nerdiness, strike some casual conversation about mobile devices, game consoles or just innovations that make you tick. The world is changing every minute, you know, so why not stay on the cutting edge?


Childhood memories

Well, it can bring you both to tears of nostalgia, but don’t be afraid to reveal your softer side and share some treasured childhood memories. We all spring from somewhere, so let her understand you better and share her memories back.


Favorite art

This conversation may be well supported with intensive web surfing and YouTube-ing, but its hidden perk is kind of mutual education. Just remember to stay on a lighter note and not to be a nuisance – no one wants to turn it into a university degree lecture.


Truly men’s stuff

There are many prejudices about how to talk with girlfriend, but she would rarely refuse proving common opinions wrong. Even if she’s not fluent in recalling all the famous 1950s car models, or doesn’t watch sport channels, she may still want to share your interests, because she, well, likes you.


Dreams and the future

This is a safe territory which allows you to go on and on without seeming odd or frustrated. There is also a big potential in revealing your true selves to each other, with many more interesting topics coming up along the way.

5 Things That You Should Never Talk About with Girlfriend

Sometimes, talking to your girlfriend is like walking through a minefield. Everything matters – from the topic itself to the tone of your voice and the moment you choose to chat. To avoid any embarrassment, use this simple check-list.

Her physical peculiarities

She is not perfect, and so are you, so please don’t point out anything strange or unattractive in her appearance unless you are generally tactless and discriminatory. She may have been struggling with it without any chance to change it, so please mind her insecurities.


Human nature

And by human nature we mean those delicate things we don’t usually perform in public. Ok, the Victorian era is long over, but don’t flaunt your bodily functions unless you both agreed to make your relationships as open and uncensored as possible.


Derogations about her friends and family

This is the case when you should either be utterly positive or just keep your opinions all to yourself, otherwise the issue of how to talk with girlfriend will reduce to asking for endless excuses. Her family and friends are her dearest people. Period.


Your ex-lovers

Jealousy is destructive (unless you want to provoke a heated argument that you could only reconcile in bed). Women are quite curious – and sly – creatures, so please never ever give in to her persuasions and disclose any information about your ex-lovers. Telling about your high school heartthrob is fine, but the more recent your examples are the more doubts she will have about your commitment to her.



This is quite an appropriate topic to share when you’re in long-term relationships or even living together, but for the better part of your romance just spare those details about your earnings, financial concerns or debts. Otherwise, you risk either falling in the much hated category of braggers or making a loser of yourself.


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