Confessing in your sincerest feelings without any idea of what response you may get is tough. Probably, it will reveal your insecurity, doubts and problems with self-esteem you haven’t even realized before. Apart from understanding yourself better in this tricky situation, the perks of such confession include that lingering hope for starting a romance, something you may have been long waiting for. Life is too short anyway, so let’s take a look at how to tell a boy you like him.

How to Do It in Person

This is probably the hardest part. Approaching your crush in person means you couldn’t be able to hide your nervousness or blushing, but your reward is his instant reaction. So here are some tips for this:

Rehearse it

Sit yourself at the mirror and practice saying those cherished words to see if you get it right with your smile, facial expressions and body language. Pretend you are doing a screen test for the role of your life. Ultimately, it may turn out to be just that!


Choose the right look

If you really like him, you’ve been probably daydreaming a lot about being together. So now as you are approaching your very important moment in reality, pick an ideal look – again, think of it as acting in a movie. Costume designs win Oscars too, so carefully choose your clothes, make-up, hair style and shoes that will help you feel confident and attractive.


Wait for the right moment

It’s always better when you have a chance to talk to him one on one. You don’t want any unexpected joy killers, right? If you are out for a date, don’t pour your feelings all over him as soon as possible – wait for an intimate, romantic moment to strike a conversation.


Don’t be straightforward

Starting from afar is useful if you’re still not very confident. Also, they all love a little game of mystery and intrigue, so try to ask some leading questions about his feelings or relationship status. Try to make him guess by asking those “What if…” questions – this is one of the safest approaches about how to tell a boy you like him without giving away too much of yourself.


Accept any response

You have been brave enough to try, so brace yourself and accept anything he has to tell you. If you enjoy him around, you can always be friends unless it’s too painful for you. If it is, there are always other wonderful boys around, so don’t panic!

How to Do It on Text

Well, it’s fine if you want to play safe and hide behind your computer, mobile device, or even paper. It works if you can’t make it in person, or is too shy to bear with the idea of private confessions. Here are the things to consider when approaching him through written words:

Keep it playful

This is important to remember when you want to impress him with your wit and originality. Even though texting is quite an impersonal way of how to tell a boy you like him, you can still draw him closer by engaging in an entertaining chat that will lead to your casual remark about actually liking him. In the light of your light-hearted conversation, this remark won’t give away your little secret but rather make him think if you really meant it.


Choose an appropriate moment

If you know for sure that he may be busy at the moment – working, studying or travelling, for example, try to wait till you know he may notice your message and respond timely, otherwise you risk either making wrong assumptions about his attitude, or starting to bug him with even more messages. One text to kick off your chat is enough.


Make it concise

No one expects you to write novels in every message. Be patient – texting could never substitute personal communication, so don’t try to squeeze out as much information as possible. Keep it concise and to the point.


Use your intuition

The direction that your messages are taking will suggest when it’s the right time to share your feelings. Hold on to some triggers in your conversation and relate to them as if you are just trying to keep up with your casual chat. In this case, it won’t be too pressing for him.


Read between the lines

If he stays reluctant about your confession or doesn’t show that he has noticed it at all, don’t freak out – just try again a bit later in a different way. He is likely to understand your intention; it’s just that he may not be ready to respond right away. And if he takes your side and starts talking about his feelings back, you’ve won!

How to Do It Without Even Saying It

When you still wonder how to tell a boy you like him, try doing it without words at all! There are many things that work much better provided that you have a chance to spend some time together – from walking the streets to staying at yours and watching TV shows. Here are some suggestions:

Ask him for a dance

In any situation involving a sort of a dance floor, there’s nothing more romantic (and effective!) than asking him for a dance. Don’t wait till he does it himself – the thing is, it probably won’t happen. This clever move also gives you a chance to feel him as close as ever.


Stay near

It’s not about stalking a guy, really. If you go out in a company of other people, or hang out together in public, stay as close to him as possible to catch everything he says and use it to engage him in a dialogue, as well as to show him that his company is more preferable for you.


Invite him to your place

In most cases, this is actually equal to making a straightforward statement about your intentions. If you are looking for the surest way of how to tell a boy you like him without uttering a word, use any opportunity to invite him to your house. Unless you want to share your original collection of home-grown ferns or do math together, this will give a hint to him that you may want to take your friendship to another level.


Surprise him with a personal gift

It shouldn’t necessarily be a gift in its normal sense. You can surprise him by getting two tickets to see his favorite band or sport game. Asking his friends around about his interests and hobbies is useful too. This act will instantly trigger his gratitude at least, or will prompt him to get to know you better.


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