It’s fantastic to have a flirty guy around you, if you enjoy being harmlessly flirted with. His flirtations always manage to put a smile on your face, not to mention how they give you an ego boost. But what if you end up falling for such a guy? Do you think he’s too nonchalant to like you back, or that he really does like you but hides his feelings behind those flirtations of his?

How to Tell If a Flirty Guy Likes You


He’s not that confident around you

And this would be okay, except for the fact that he’s a pretty confident person around everybody else, including other women. What makes it more suspicious is how he is not able to sit down comfortably in one place for long, regularly twitches or fidgets, plays with his hair, sweats or clears his throat too often.


He usually takes an initiative

He’s usually (if not always) the one who texts, calls or DMs you, asking you to meet up and just casually hang out with him. Doesn’t matter if it’s with friends or just with him – whatever chance he gets of being with you is good enough for you. I mean sure, he could be friendly. But he could also be interested in you.


You get special treatment

Not in an obvious way, but if you start observing carefully, you can notice the differences. Like how he pays attention to you, how he talks more to you, or is always sitting next to you…something that he never does with the other girls in your group. This is one of the clearest signs for how to tell if a flirty guy likes you.


He remembers stuff

That you told him long ago. And not important stuff, but insignificant details, like the name of your grandma’s first dog, or that one green dress you found to be cute when you were walking in a bazaar with him. Why does he remember these things? It’s because he pays attention to what you tell him.


He gets close to you

Not in an uncomfortable way, but definitely in a way that’s different from how he is around with other people. This is of special note if he’s the kinda guy who keeps his hands to himself, or usually doesn’t like physical contact with people. However, if whenever the two of you are together, he’s always sitting next to you and often leans towards you when talking to you…Then he definitely has a thing for you.


He gets physical with you

Holding your hand, pulling your hand, putting his arms on your shoulder or waist – he does this often. It’s not that he’s being a creep. Quite the opposite. Guys often connect with girls via the action of physical contact. And if you’ve ever felt he’s hugged you or held your hand longer than he should have, then you know how to tell if a flirty guy likes you.


He actually values your recommendations

When he asks you for movies to watch or places to visit, he actually does watch those movies or visit those places. Why? Because he values whatever information you share with him. Plus, it’s because he likes you that he’s letting his feelings influence his decision making capacity. I mean, come on. Even your bestie is not gonna watch every movie you recommend to her, will she?


He shares his secrets with you

Maybe not the most earth shattering secrets that might get him behind bars, but definitely ones that are very embarrassing for him. Like that time when he peed his pants upon being scolded by his teacher, or how he used to eat worms as a child. You know, stuff you would rather die than share with people you are only casually friends with?


He respects the time he spends with you

And that means not being on his phones, responding to texts or taking unimportant calls. When he’s with you, he focuses his attention on you and maintains steady eye contact. Why? Because the person sitting in front of him is important to him, and he wants to give her an impression of him being sincere and serious, so that she can get serious about him too. This is exactly how to tell if a flirty guy likes you!


He compliments you even when…

You’re in your pajamas and not wearing any makeup. He’ll tell you that you’re still pretty, that you don’t need to dress up, and that your best feature is your smile.


His compliments don’t always focus on your appearance

Sometimes it will be about your intelligence or thinking, sometimes about your actions, sometimes about your political views or sometimes about something as silly as the dimples on your cheeks when you smile. The thing is, when he’s not complimenting your body, he’s actually seeing the real you – the one behind all that façade, and he’s appreciating what he’s seeing.


He’s helpful

How to tell if a flirty guy likes you? Well, he’s told you several times (even if jokingly) that he’s there if you need any help, physically, emotionally or financially. Whether or not you take him seriously does not undermine the fact that whenever you need him, be it at 6 in the morning or at 2 in the night – he’s always there to help you. And it’s not because he’s a “very helpful person by nature”.


He’s there to listen

Be it about discussing the stupidest memes that have hit the internet recently, or about how sad you are regarding the gun laws in America. Whatever it is that you feel like discussing, here’s always there to lend not only his ear, but his opinions as well. And you never feel like you’re forcing a discussion with him – it happens very naturally.


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