So you met a nice guy and you like him. He’s polite, charming and a sight to behold…. Which makes you wonder – is he too good to be true? Could this guy be a player who’s looking nothing more than a fling from you? And if a fling is not what you’re looking for, then you should be careful, especially if he hasn’t made his true intentions clear to you.

How to Tell If a Guy Is a Player

Sometimes, the signs can be clear as day while, at other times, they can be as cloudy as the weather in Florida. Even so, here are the things to keep in mind to spot a true player.

He says you're “hot”

And there’s nothing wrong in complimenting your physical beauty. In fact, that’s a good sign. But if ALL he does is describe you with words like hot, sexy, yummy, etc. then be warned. He only pays attention to your body and views you as nothing more than a hottie, which is far from a girlfriend. If compliments like beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, cute, etc. are missing from his dictionary, then there’s something fishy going on.


He likes to show you off

Again, not a bad thing just by itself. A lot of boys are very proud or happy with their girlfriends, and very gladly show off their significant others to their friends and family. A man will introduce his lady with a lot of love and respect, and will ensure she has a good time with his loved ones.

However, for a player you’re nothing but another trophy he’s conquered, something he needs to show off to feed to his own ego, or to show his friends how his trophy’s better than theirs.


He is a narcissist

Want to know the best way of how to tell if a guy is a player? He can be charming, confident and a talker, but he is probably also a completely self-absorbed jerk for whom he will always come first, no matter what. Everything is about him, and this will be reflected in his mannerisms and his talks as well. The conversations will all be about him, his life, his achievements, the number of girls he’s had sex with, how much money he has, how good looking he is, etc.


He doesn’t care about your life

In addition to being a complete jerk, he will seldom pay attention to you (except when it works in his advantage) and will almost never ask about what’s going on in your life, how you’re feeling, who your friends are, etc. Even when you talk about things in your life, you will find that he becomes bored too quickly, or the conversation automatically steers towards him and his life.


You always meet on his terms

Well, what else did you expect from a player? Everything’s about him and his convenience. The time, date and place are always decided by him, and every suggestion by you is universally rejected.


He’s always busy

Sometimes, you have to literally book an appointment in his allegedly busy schedule to meet with him. Sure, he may genuinely be busy with work. Or, you know, he could be dating other girls.


He eyes other women

Another way of how to tell if a guy is a player is by keeping an eye on his eyes. Do his eyes automatically go for the breasts or the ass whenever an attractive woman passes by? That tells a lot about a man’s character, especially when he constantly does this behind your back or right in front of you!


Your dates generally end in different hotel rooms

A gentleman would never, absolutely never, take his girl to hotels (seedy or swanky) to end his dates. Sure, going to the hotel once in a while is understandable due to factors like parents at home or flatmates too noisy, but if this happens regularly, then you have some serious thinking to do.


He’s very flirtatious..... with every woman

He doesn’t hesitate to flirt with other women even in front of you. When you catch him in the act, he tries to put the blame on you by calling you oversensitive, jealous or possessive. But in your heart, you know that a man who respects you would absolutely never flirt with another woman. Why should he have to, when he has you?


He talks about sex a lot

A player always boasts about how good he’s in the sack, and how he’s satisfied every woman he’s had sex with.


He goes for sex straight away

Wondering how to tell if a guy is a player? Well, think about all the invites to his apartment. They are always less about movies and dinners, and more about wild sex. More so if he invites you back to his apartment to “have coffee” on the first date itself. If he’s like that on the first date, he’s gonna be like that on the rest of the dates as well. Also, keep an eye out for condoms conveniently placed by his bedside. If he isn’t genuinely expecting you to say yes, then who are those condoms for?


He defames his ex

He may say that his ex-girlfriend is a “stalker” or a “psycho”. In all probability, these women are poor souls who he left in the lurch, so that he can move on to greener pastures. By giving them derogatory labels, he aims at reducing their credibility in front of you. What's more, he may try to say that he and his ex were in an open relationship or claim that his ex cheated on him and ruined his life for another man.


He “encourages” you to drink more

That’s because a drunk woman is less capable of making rational decisions and is more likely to say yes to sex. Basically, he’s the type of leech who loves taking advantage of women. He will want you to get drunk and lose your sensibilities, and will use it to his advantage. And if by chance you refuse his offer of going back to his place, he won’t even have the courtesy to drop you off home, or at least call you a cab.

So that’s our list on how to tell if a guy is a player. Got anything to add? Mention it in the comments below!


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