Shy guys are the hardest to figure out, but they’re definitely worth the effort. Usually shy guys are the nice guys who are quite hard to find. Shy guys generally keep to themselves, or stick with their small circle of friends. They aren’t the kind to make the first move, and pretty nervous when it comes to girls. It would be a pity to miss a shy guy due to the difficulty of figuring him out because a shy guy will most likely treat you like the noble princess. Read on for the signs indicating a shy guy likes you.

How to Tell If a Shy Guy Likes You


He’s Nervous When You’re Around

Shy guys tend to get really nervous around girls they like, especially if they’re not sure if the girl likes him back. Pay attention to his behavior when you’re around him. You may notice him being fidgety, or he may start exhibiting nervous habits like knuckle cracking and pacing. Try to talk to him, but be careful not to scare him off. Gently break the ice with him; he’ll really appreciate you making the first move.


He St-St-Stutters Around You

When guy starts stuttering, stammering or babbling on and on to you, he is totally into you. He can’t get his words out right because he’s completely smitten with you and he’s feeling super shy and nervous. He likes you so much that he’s suddenly forgotten how to have a simple conversation! Be patient with him, and don’t tease him about it, because you might make him feel bad. His nervousness is endearing and sweet and should be treated as so.


He Acts Silly Around You

Shy guys often don’t know how to act around girls they like altogether, so they resort to being goofy. If a guy starts acting really silly around you, you can be sure that this is his way of covering up how he really feels because he’s embarrassed. He’ll probably end up looking like a real klutz, but that’s just because he really likes you.


His Friends Always Tease Him

Guys are so immature, and they absolutely love giving each other a hard time about girls. Have you noticed his friends teasing him when you’re around? That’s because they already know that he likes you, so they’re trying to make it obvious to you as well. Guys are intuitive as well, so even if this shy guy hasn’t opened up about his feelings, his friends are likely to pick up on them.


He Doesn’t Like When You Talk About Other Guys

If you’re friends with a shy guy and you like to confide in him, you’ll know he likes you if you see him getting annoyed when you talk about other guys. How to tell if a shy guy likes you? He gets jealous of other guys who get your attention. He doesn’t want to see you getting involved with anyone else; he wants you all to himself.


His Confidence Disappears

Shy guys are so confusing. Sometimes a dude will seem like a regular confident and cocky guy when you first meet him, but then he’ll start doubting himself if he starts to really like you. He might even put some distance between you because he’s so freaked out by you and doesn’t know how to act around you. Shy guys often give mixed signals to the opposite sex, which makes them so hard to figure out.


He Wants to Get In Good With Your Girls

If you notice a certain shy guy trying to befriend your friends, that’s his way of getting closer to you in a non-threatening way. He wants to get your attention, but he’s too nervous to go directly to you, so he will try to go through your girlfriends. He’ll casually ask about you and leave subtle hints with them in hopes that those messages can get back to you.


He Cares and He Listens

Dudes are always so aloof and spaced out, so when you see a guy starting to really pay attention to you, you can be sure he’s digging you. A guy who cares about you will listen to your problems thoroughly and offer advice. It’s easy for him to focus on you as well, since the attention isn’t on him, so he feels less pressure.


He Texts You, But in Person He’s Quiet

Shy guys do so much better when talking over texts, because there’s much less pressure than a face-to-face conversation. He obviously likes you, because he’s trying to talk to you in a way that feels comfortable for him. So don’t be put off by his quiet vibes when in person; he’s just working up the courage to talk to you more and it’s just going to take some time.


He’s Super Flirty in Texts, and Shy in Real Life

How to tell if a shy guy likes you? He’s flirtatious online or in texts, but get all shy and weird in real life. He’s just really embarrassed around you in person, so it’s easy to be sweet and flirty behind a screen. You might feel like he’s playing you if when you see him, he acts like it never happened, but that’s your chance to ask him why next time he hits you up.


He Always Wants to Be Around You

So he’s always around, tries to sit near you in class, and walks with you in the halls, but he’s still really quiet. He likes you, but he just wishes you would make the first move. He likes to be around you, and he is begging silently for you to talk to him first. Go ahead and strike up a conversation and see how it turns out.


He Does Sweet Things for You

A shy guy isn’t going to pull out all the stops for you and bring you to your knees with an over the top romantic gesture, but he will do small and subtle things for you. You just have to pay attention. Does he offer you candy and no one else? Does he try to help you with school work? If he’s going out of his way to do things for you, that means he likes you.


You Always Catch Him Looking

How to tell if a shy guy likes you? Think about this question first, "Do you find that he’s often staring at you, and then looking away as soon as he gets caught?" He’s just admiring your beauty from a distance that feels safe for him. He may be afraid of being rejected by you, or judged by you and your friends. Next time you catch him looking, give him a flirty smile and a wink to let him know it’s totally cool with you.


He’s Interested In What You Like

Shy guys don’t really like to go outside of their comfort zones, but they just might do it for you. If you notice a shy guy taking an interest in your favorite bands, for example, that’s his way of trying to get closer to you. If you like him too, try to encourage his new found hobby and then you’ll definitely have something in common and something that connects you two.


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