It's really hard to figure out whether a lady likes you or not, don't you think so? I mean, it is fairly easy to mistake her looking at you as a sign of attraction, when instead, you just have something stuck in your teeth. But even though women seem much more complex than men, they really aren't so different. Just like there are signs pointing out that a guy likes you, there are also those pointing out that a girl does! So if the question of "How to tell if a woman likes you'' is still lingering in your head, I have some good news! Keep reading and you will get your answer!

How to Tell If a Woman Likes You


She Takes Care of You

When she does everything in her power to make sure you are well, it is obvious that she truly likes you. She thinks that the basis of a good relationship lies in caring and looking out for one another, and let me tell you something: she is right! As long as you have someone by your side to keep you comfort and safe, there's nothing that can touch you.


Her Body Language Tells You She's Fertile

The human biology is entirely responsible for this phenomenon, and women are rarely conscious of it. Its whole purpose lies in attracting the opposite sex, which might ultimately lead to reproduction. Pheromones are in charge of doing this and they are released during simple actions such as tilting of the head or exposure of the skin.


Her Parents and Friends Know You Well

If a girl's parents and friends know all about you, chances are that she thinks you might be the one. She has fallen in love so hard that she wants everyone, especially those close to her, to know what a special place in her heart you are occupying.


She Talks to You All Day Long

How to tell if a woman likes you? Well this is a dead giveaway! You have gotten under her skin, and a minute doesn't go by that she isn't thinking of you, which results in her wanting to talk to you constantly! If this happens, she is absolutely head over heels for you!


She Laughs to Your Not-So-Funny Jokes

She's laughing super hard to your not very funny jokes? Yup, she likes you. By doing this, she lets you know that she is interested in what you are saying, and appreciates the effort you are making, even if the result doesn't leave everyone impressed. But you know what? You pull off impressing her, and that's all that matters!


She Enjoys Making You Things and Getting You Presents

Making something for you or getting you nice gifts is just a girl's way of showing how thankful she is to have you in her life. It may be just a small act of kindness, but it certainly proves that you are very important to her!


She Tests You by Playing Hard to Get

Sometimes, when you feel like a woman doesn't like you, actually she does. She might try to push you away, and act like she doesn't give a damn about you in order to make you want her even more. After all, what is it they say? Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest...


She Speaks Your Language and Loves Everything That You Love

If a girl is trying to show you how much you both have in common, she definitely wants to get out of the friend zone! So you just watched the last episode of Game of Thrones? Well, she did too, and she's super excited to discuss it! This might result in you two devoloping your own inside jokes, a language that nobody but you speak.


She Doesn't Talk to You the Same Way She Does to Other People

When you two are alone, she speaks differently from what she normally does. She flirts and acts more femininely, because guess what? She wants you to stop seeing her just as that "girl from work'', but as this femme fatale who would certainly be great as your lover. This here, folks, is how to tell if a woman likes you!


She Initiates Conversations

She is the one who starts conversations, and keeps them going. Even when you think that the talk is over, she is always there to ask another question. It's hard to keep her quiet, because she just loves your voice! However, if you get bored of talking, just kiss her. It will shut her up for sure!


She Never Fails to Compliment You

Do you know how rarely females compliment males? So if she does this, you can rest assured that this is the most obvious ''she likes you'' sign! And you don't even have to look your best to get a compliment out of her! Your hair could look as if you haven't washed it in ages; she would still love it and tell you it looks amazing!


She Can't Keep Her Hands Off You

She loves touching you, and no, not only in a sexual way. Sometimes she just feels the need to gently caress your cheek, lay her head on your chest, or simply play with your hair. You would be surprised what a calming effect this has on her.


She Texts and Calls Constantly

If a day doesn't go by without a text or a call from her, it is very possible that she has feelings for you. She can't get you out of her head, so it isn't surprising that she wants to be in touch with you 24/7. This is a huge sign of affection, and it is how to tell if a woman likes you.

More Signs That a Woman Likes You


She Is Always Happy When She Is Around You

She enjoys spending time with you so much that she can't seem to keep the smile off from her face.


She Might Be ''Stalking'' You

So you run into her in the grocery store, on the way to work, and in the cafe and all of this happened over the span of one day? Nope, definitely not a coincidence.


Prying Eyes of Her Friends Are Always Watching

Don't think for a second that you are under the radar of her friends. They are carefully analyzing you and reporting back to her!


Social Media Gives Away Her Feelings

She likes all of your Instagram posts? Tweets things that only you understand? Uploads your selfies? She wants you to be her boo and you know it!


She Goes Out Of Her Way to Make You Jealous

She tries to drive you crazy by flirting with other guys in front of you, or discussing them with you.


She Says ''Yes'' to Your Invitations

It doesn't even matter whether you ask her out, or invite her to a party, the answer is always positive.


She Tries to Look Beautiful in Front of You

You will never see a girl with a crush on you without makeup, perfect hair and carefully picked out wardrobe. Never!


She Attempts to Befriend Your Friends

Even if she's not particularly fond of your friends, she'll accept them and try to get to know them. After all, you chose them, and she respects your choices.


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