Seeing how materialistic the world is becoming day by day, it comes as no surprise when you get to know some rich guy gets caught up in the web of a gold digger. Most of us laugh at these men for being too stupid to fall for such obvious ploys. But the truth is that gold diggers are expert manipulators. You don’t even know you’re in a “relationship” with one till it’s too late. That's why you should read this article carefully to avoiding being deceived.

How to Tell If She's a Gold Digger

Needless to say, exceptions to every rule exist and just because a girl loves to spend money doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger. Even so, keep in mind certain general rules of thumb and do keep an eye out to see if she shows the following signs.

She has expensive tastes

Now, many women have expensive tastes and that can be for a variety of reasons, like showing off their wealth to their friends, to make people jealous, to get the best things in life, etc. However, if she only relies on others to get her beloved Louis Vuitton handbags and play at destinations at private islands, you should be alerted. If this sign is accompanied by more signs mentioned below, she’s most likely a gold digger.


She’s very demanding

If she’s set her eye on something, she’ll have it by hook or by crook. There’s just no place for negotiation with her and she has no concept of “meeting in the middle’. It’s always her way or the highway. She’s very used to living an extravagant lifestyle and she won’t let anything or anyone come in between her and her expensive tastes.


She’s a master seductress and manipulator

How to tell if she's a gold digger? Look at how she treats her man. If he ends up doing everything she wants without showing any will of his own, then chances are that he has been manipulated or seduced or both into doing what she wants him to do.


She’s okay spending your money, not your time

Again, a woman who truly loves you will prefer spending time with you, not your wallet. But if you are too busy with your meetings, you compensate your absence by showering her with money, and she’s totally okay with this arrangement, beware. She prefers your money to you, and that’s never a good sign.


She never picks up the tab

Of course, she might be a girl who believes in “traditional” values like a man picking up the tab on a date. However if you’ve been on several dates and she shows no sign of paying the bill for even one of them, be careful.


She’s the one paying for everything

This seems contradictory but it's important when learning how to tell if she's a gold digger. This type of women is master manipulators. They lure you into a false sense of security; you begin to think that a woman footing her bill can never be a gold digger, right? In reality, she can be using reverse psychology and once you’re comfortable with her, it will be you who will slowly and steadily start paying for all the bills.


Grand purchases are rewarded with sex

Sex is the best thing that a gold digger will always have to offer you. Now don’t get me wrong – the sex will be heavenly and she’ll be willing to do anything to make you sexually satisfied. But the thing is – many times, sex is withheld, or promised only when she gets what she wants. This usually puts a big dent in your check book.


She throws tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants

In this case, she is much like a child deprived of her favorite candy. Throwing a tantrum is the easiest way to embarrass you or coerce you into giving her what she wants. Needless to say, she always gets what she wants, which is easily the quickest way on learning how to tell if she's a gold digger.


You loan her money all the time

You’re her walking talking ATM. She’s always in need of cash for something urgent like rent money, insurance, medical bill, etc. and she’s always short of cash because she blew it all up on buying things she didn’t need. This brings me to my next point…


Her financial difficulty is never her fault

It’s always because of someone else that she’s in the condition she is right now. Sometimes it’s her landlord who unexpectedly increased her rent. Sometimes it’s her friend whom she loaned money and never returns it. Sometimes it’s the fault of little green men from Mars. Getting the gist?


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