In the often beautiful journey called life, you will meet some people who will seem to make it less so. You will often hear people talking about how you should hang around people who add something positive to your life. Well, a big part of actually accomplishing that is by identifying the bad apples: the ones who not only not add anything, but make things worse by dragging you down for every little mistake you make. These guys are your haters and you will be much better off if you know how to tell if someone hates you.

10 Ways to Identify Your Hater


The Eyes

I start with this because the eyes often say so much more than words or actions do. It is safe to say that your hater doesn't think too much of you and therefore won't pay much attention to what you say most of the time. Look out for signs of boredom: if the eyes shift to the upper right, they don't think you are worth their time. Their eyes will often appear expression-less even when you are saying something nice to them. In general, if the person's eyes show less reactions than you might like, they definitely don't like you much.


Lack of Compliment and Praise

This should be obvious. From time to time, when you have small or big victories in life, you will see people praising you and generally paying tribute to your hard work or achievements. But someone who hates you won't do that. They will probably say something demeaning like “You could have been better” or smirk uncaringly. They do this out of a sense of insecurity that the emotion of hate brings. They will generally stay away from saying anything positive about you and will focus on your shortcomings.


Blame Comes Easy

Well, to be fair to you hater, they have to do justice to all that negativity in their heart. He or she will find new and creative ways to manifest this hatred. One of them is by blaming you every chance they get. If you find yourself getting blamed by them frequently for things that are out of your control, you'll want to stay away from them. There is no point feeling hurt and helpless as this is a sure-fire sign of someone who thinks as little of you as to just trample upon your feelings without care.


Body Language

I'm sure you have heard of the phrase “actions speak louder than words”. Well, they do. It is a proven psychological fact that people who aren't comfortable around you will tend to avoid being engaged. This means that they will feel uncomfortable while facing you and talking to you. You should notice the “rift” between the two of you. They will also tend to lean away and thus avoiding eye contact. Ask a question, and they'll answer with a shrug or two. Reading between the lines is a big part of knowing how to tell if someone hates you.


They'll Dismiss You

This is another way by which you hater will project negativity. They will dismiss you by calling you crazy. This is what I meant earlier when I said they'd drag you down. You might have big ambitions and big dreams. Whereas a good friend would have encouraged you and given you advice all the while looking out for you, a hater would just heartlessly laugh and dismiss it as if it were nothing. Needless to say, you don't need that in your life.


They'll Try to Be Close to You

It is a common thing for someone to keep their friends close and their enemies closer. Knowing how to tell if someone hates you requires you to identify the fake for the real. Some haters will act as your best friend and biggest confidant all the while laughing to themselves inside. Thankfully for you, this shows on their faces and in their actions. If you notice things that you only told that person floating around in public, it's not a coincidence. These people are the worst kind and should be cut out from your life mercilessly.


They Don't Listen to You

This is another good way of deciphering whether someone hates you. In conversation or when you give them advice, if the person doesn't listen to you, you should know there is something with your relationship. Your hater will (as discussed earlier) look bored, disinterested and generally not pay attention to you when you talk to them. It's like you don't matter to them at all. Remember that all relationships are two-sided. You can't be the one putting in all the efforts and expecting the other person to cooperate.


They Don't Share

If you find yourself being the one who is always talking about yourself, you would want to check the friendship credentials of the other party. It is not natural for a friend to not share anything about him- or herself. Ask yourself: has that person really told you anything about him or her? Do you really know them or have you been in an illusion all this time. This stems from the insecurities they harbour towards you. Again, hater territory.


A Bad Attitude

It is generally acceptable if someone who is having a bad day snaps at you. They are probably just blowing off some steam, so don't think too much about that. But when it becomes a repeating trend, you should realize that there is definitely a problem. A bad attitude can turn the track of your day extremely quickly. You don't want to be around all that negativity because it is infectious. A toxic attitude like that spreads and will start affecting you, so you should be careful.


The Tone of Their Voice

Lastly, there is this. You can tell a person doesn't think much of you when he or she has a sarcastic tonality to their voice. Knowing how to decipher someone's voice can go a long way into knowing how to tell if someone hates you. If you see them always patronizing and sarcastic often to the point of insensitivity, you should know that he or she isn't a person you want around you.


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