“Well, the guy should first say he loves you,” tell your friends. “Why don’t you wait till he proposes,” say others. But if you aren’t the kind of girl who believes in all this, kudos to you as we think girls should be bold enough to propose and confess their love, and not just play the waiting game.

So here’s how to tell your boyfriend you love him, and trust us, you will be relieved and happy you finally did.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him in Words

It can be very challenging to let your boyfriend know you love him and you’ll perhaps have a hundred questions running in your mind. What if he says no? What if he is offended? To help you learn how to tell your boyfriend you love him, we have prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you understand and develop the perfect when, where and how plan.

Ensure you’re actually in love

First a quick self-assessment. Do you really love him? Be brutally honest with yourself. For it could very well be an infatuation or a physical attraction, which is natural but isn’t love. If you are taking the initiative to propose, be sure it’s love. If spending time with him is the best ever feeling or you’ve visualized growing old with him, it’s more likely you truly are in love with him.


Ensure he’s actually in love

Once you know you love him, it’s equally essential to understand if he has the same feelings for you. For sure, you can never tell unless you ask him, but there are subtle indications that he may have the same feelings for you. If he is generous with his compliments or looks at you often or displays his affection towards you, these are good signs that he loves you too. Only he hasn’t told you yet.


Choose the place and time

Now comes the exciting part: picking up the right place and the right time to meet him and finally say what you wanted to for a long time. If you’ve planned a vacation together, then that’s an ideal place to tell him you love him. You both are in a comfortable, no-stress zone and it’ll be easier for you to say and for him to think about it. If a holiday is not an option, try a romantic spot such as a restaurant he likes or a place you both have fond memories of.

Choosing the right time to utter those magical words is equally important. Pick a time when he and you are in a jovial mood and don’t have stressful days at work or school. They say evening is more romantic than noon, so it may be a good idea to tell him how much you love him once it’s a little dark.


Go ahead and tell him

This is the last and most important step in our ‘how to tell your boyfriend you love him’ guide: the actual process of confessing your love for him. Your body language will define how sincere and committed you look. Look him in the eye and face your body towards him. This conveys your seriousness about what you are going to say. And now, tell him! Don’t waste any more time, be straightforward and tell him how much he means to you and that you really love him. That’s it. No quotes, limericks or mushy words. 


Wait for his reaction

Congrats, you’ve succeeded in telling your boyfriend you love him. Easy, wasn’t it? Now you just have to wait for his reaction. He could tell you he loves you too, which will be awesome. Or perhaps he needs more time to think about it. There’s also a chance he would say no. In that case, respect his decision and do not take it personally. He may have a different image of who he wants as a partner.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him Without Words

Saying you love him means a lot but how to tell your boyfriend you love him without saying so? This is especially important for those who have already established a de facto love relationship and lived together. Here are a few things you can do which he’ll remember and cherish for a long time.


As simple as that. Don’t be someone who just talks and never listens. Guys appreciate women who can also listen to them patiently. And sometimes, their topics of conversation may not really appeal to you (e.g. sports, gadgets, and politics). But still, listen to him talk about these subjects.


Anticipate his needs

Especially at stressful times, he will absolutely love you if you can anticipate what he regularly needs or does and make it available to him. For instance: if he is responsible for some daily chores, this time you do it and see him smile and be thankful to you.


Occasional free pass

Just as women need their girl times, guys need their ‘time alone with the boys’. This is the time when they can shoot about sports, go to their favorite bars and relive their younger days. An occasional guy time won’t hurt your relationship; instead, your showing appreciation for it will definitely remind him of how much you love him.


Compliment him often

Men will also get an ego-boost when their women compliment and admire them. So shower your compliments on him, often and generously. But as with others, do it sincerely and beyond just his outward appearance. It will absolutely brighten his day if you show your admiration for his talents, his hard work and his kindness towards others.


Treat him as an equal

There’ll always be a tendency to preach and tell your guy what to do and what not to do. You may mean well, but he may actually resent your preachy attitude. Instead of lecturing him about his diet (or lack of it) or his rash driving, reassure yourself that he’ll regret and learn from his own mistakes. When you restrain yourself from preaching him, you treat him as an equal and that’s how a relationship should be: a partnership of equals.


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