It may not seem very complicated but under certain circumstances, it is very important to know how to text your crush correctly. Responding the right way with the appropriate wording can make a huge difference in the beginning of a new relationship, and especially in turning a crush into a full romance.

Men and women of all ages sometimes need tips on texting the person they have a crush on if they don't want to waste hours thinking of the perfect words.

14 Rules for Texting Your Crush

Knowing how to text your crush could play a very important role in your relationships, especially if you want this particular person to become someone permanent in your life. Here are the 14 rules for texting your crush.

Know How to Start

If you are the one who is sending the first text, start in a way that will generate further conversation. Instead of just texting “hello”, ask them a question that they would definitely answer back; ask them how they are planning on spending the weekend, or something that is related to you both. Otherwise, your texts would end after the 5 minutes if you start with a non-committal "What's up".


Avoid One-Word Texts

In the middle of a conversation, avoid one-word texts, like “OK”, “Hmm” or “Ha-ha”. These replies do not encourage the other person to carry on a discussion; just to send texts that will demand another reply from the person.


Don't Write Essays

One-word texts are out, and so are long texts that would take forever to write and read. Unless you are explaining something, long essay-like texts convey desperateness.


Emoticons Can Be Useful

If you want to know how to text your crush, you should know the usefulness of emoticons as a medium to convey your sentiments, especially when you are talking about something silly and flirty.


Don't Abuse Emoticons

Emoticons are acceptable to a limit; don't go on sending emoticons back and forth when you have nothing to say. Too much emoticons can make your text conversations boring and pointless.


Don't Go on Forever

Even when you are both having fun, don’t let your texts go on forever. Stop when you are done discussing the main topic, or when you find you have nothing more to say because to know how to text your crush is also to know when to stop.


Don't Text Twice

If your crush does not reply immediately, don't send another text as a nudge. They might be busy with something else, and annoying them with constant texts is bad manners.


Easy on the “LOL”

Some people have a habit of adding a “LOL” at the end of almost every text, a habit that can be considered irritating by some. Besides, adding a “LOL” inappropriately can change the whole meaning of a text and create misunderstandings.


Learn to Let Go Sometimes

If it seems that the person on the other end of the phone is distracted or not enjoying the conversation so much, it is time to end the conversation. Simply give a reason and a promise to catch up in the future, and say goodbye if the person you are talking to is too polite to end it.


Don't Take Too Long

If you are using a medium that shows when you have received and read the text, don't act coy and wait a long time to answer. Take the appropriate time to think of a suitable reply and text back.


Control Your Emotions

It is very easy to misunderstand a person via texts since you do not hear their tone or their voice. Normally spoken words can seem sarcastic, or jokes can be mistaken for criticisms if you are not careful. Always maintain a standard tone or language when you are texting, especially if the person does not know you very long or very well. Don’t use emoticons that show that you are angry or sad, or type in CAPITALS to show your frustration because they could create a more serious response than you had anticipated.


Keep It Light

Texting to and fro is fine as long as you are just talking or flirting with each other, but not if you are angry or concerned with something. If you need to discuss something important, it is better to pick up the phone and call the person than to do it via texting.


Don't Text Whenever You Want to

This is a person you have a crush on, and not someone who is a close friend or someone you are dating. You cannot text them whenever you feel like it; rather, you need to select a time when you are sure they won't be disturbed by your text.


Be Relevant and Respectful

When deciding on how to text your crush, your topic of choice should be relevant and not too personal. Keep the conversation light and related to something you are both involved in; don't ask questions that are too private and none of your concern. These types of inquiries, even when asked with good intentions, can make the other person feel irritated and uncomfortable.

Texting is such a small part of a relationship between two people, but when it is with someone you have a crush on, it can be one of the most important steps you are taking towards each other!


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