How to thank a guy after a date? It’s really not as difficult and complicated as you think. In fact, less is more. Now you need to know that there are a few things you should keep in mind when thanking him. There are certain steps you need to take before you thank him, or certain steps you need to completely skip if you’re gonna thank him.

What are they?

First things first.

7 Ways to Thank a Guy after a Date


You should take the first step

Despite women wanting equality in all spheres, it’s a sad reality that they seldom take the initiative when it comes to dating. Who can blame them? Most guys aren’t built to handle strong women, who end up being dumped for not being sissies/submissive like most women are. Well, that’s a discussion for another day.

What I’m trying to say is that you should be the one to take the initiative of sending him a thank you text after your first date. This has many advantages to it. First, it makes you stand out from the rest of the ladies who would have almost never taken the step of thanking him. This is also going to make him feel special and wanted, something a lot of women neglect to take into account.

Second, it helps both of you cut through the BS power play of “Who’s gonna text whom first”. He’ll see you’re not trying to play hard to get, and if he’s half a decent man, he’s going to appreciate you for that. He will also appreciate your confidence of taking the initiative, and who knows, it might even turn him on to be in the presence of a woman who knows what she wants.

So now that you know why it’s good to take an initiative, let’s get down to how to thank a guy after a date.


What should i text him?

Remember what I said in the beginning? Thanking a guy really isn’t as difficult as it’s made out to be. And sure, while you can text him a generic “I had a great time” and be done with it, why opt for that when you have better options? You have to warm him up to the notion of a second date too, you know. So hit two birds with one stone. How? By keeping in mind the following steps:


Ask him if he’s home safe

An hour or so after your date has ended and you two have departed, send him a text asking him if he returned home safely. This not only shows that you’re concerned, but also shows that you don’t care much for gender roles - your concern transcends all that BS. It also shows a willingness of your interest in him, along with showing him that you’re such a nice gal.


He needs to know you enjoyed his company

Want to know a little secret? Men are just as nervous about a first date as women are. They’re just better at hiding it. And of course, irrespective of how much you enjoyed each other’s company, it’s always a great pleasure to be actually told that instead of leaving it unsaid.

Now there are several ways of telling him you enjoyed your date.

First, you can do it the simple, generic and genuine way. E.g. Today was so much fun! Wouldn’t you agree?

Second, you can do it with humor. E.g. Damn, if this date were a bank robbery, then we definitely hit the lottery today.

Third, you can be flirtatious. E.g. Gonna have a good night’s sleep because I know I’ll see you soon in my dreams.

Feel that’s too much too soon? Well break the ice with:


Discussing a fun/deep moment you shared

There must have been at least one moment during the date when you felt that things are going good, right? Maybe it was when you agreed with his thoughts on animal rights, or when he shared his passion about rock climbing. Great! Bring that topic up via texts. This will work subtly in your favor, as it will instantly remind him of the good time he spent with you. His brain will overlap that fond memory with the memory of him texting you, thus making him feel happier than he should have. This will solidify positive impressions that he has of you.

And when you feel you’re comfortable enough, go back to the previous step and keep the conversation flowing!


Thank him

Ah. Now we’ve finally reached the part about how to thank a guy after a date. If you’re the shy/awkward kinda person who feels it’s too soon to send a “Are you home safe?” text one hour after the date, no worries. You can skip that text, as well as the ice breaker texts mentioned above, and skip immediately to the thank you text. In such a case, it’s always best to wait an average of 24-48 hours before sending him a thank you text. And yes, the “three-day rule” has become outdated in today’s world, so don’t worry about appearing to be over eager. Here are some examples:

Flirty: “That was a fantastic date. What I remember from last night: the dinner, the drinks, and your kiss. Exactly in that order.”

Sincere: “Thank you for letting me have a great night in such a long time! It meant so much to me.”

Casual: “Dinner was great! Still laughing at your dad-jokes.”


Asking for a next date

So after you’re done with how to thank a guy after a date, you can wait for him to ask you out on the second date. Or you can take the initiative yourself. Like breaking the ice, there are many ways of going about it. It depends entirely on the kind of person you are, the kind of vibe he gave to you or the kinda text message you think he would appreciate best. Following are some fun, light and flirty thank you texts you can send him:

“That was a fantastic first date. I wonder if we can really top it.”

“The dinner at [restaurant] was fantastic. But have you tasted the [dish] at [restaurant 2]? It’s heavenly.”

“You’ve seen the first date me. Ready to see a more real, more cool me?”

You getting the drift?


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