If you’re reading an article on how to treat a woman, you’re either a novice when it comes to women, or have been a spectacular failure in the world of dating. But don’t worry, we have your back! Mentioned below are certain unwritten rules that, if followed by every straight man, would have women swooning in their arms!

9 Tips to Treat a Woman


Respect her loved ones

Friends, family or colleagues – if these people are close to her, you have to make the effort of getting to know them. And if for some reason you do not like them, well then you can at least be respectful in their presence, can’t you? Because those people are important to her and the way you treat them will often determine her mood, as well as the amount of love and respect she will have for you.


Be honest about your bad habits

Honey, she already likes/loves you. So it’s no stretch to assume she knows quite a bit about you – including stuff you aren’t even aware of. So there’s no point in hiding or lying about your bad habits. Porn, guys’ night out, nights of hardcore drinking, video games – she knows it all. So why not be upfront about it with her? Talk to her about you both needing some me-time, and encourage her to do the same – have a girls’ night out, spend a day at the movies or whatever else it is that she enjoys. It’s one of the best ways on how to treat a woman and keep her always happy.


Appreciate her

Look. She’s not your parent or your maid – if she does something for you, thank her for her efforts. Or show appreciation by helping her out with her chores as often as she helps you out with hers. If she’s good with fixing your car, how about you show her thanks by cooking her an awesome lunch? Just an example, but you get the gist of it, right?


Honesty is the best policy

Tell her how you feel. If you’re happy, tell her so that she can be happy too. If you’re unhappy or frustrated, explain to her why so that both of you can work it out like the adults that you are. Communication is the strongest pillar of any and every relationship, and without it no healthy relationship can ever survive. Disagreements are bound to happen, but don’t let that deter you from speaking your mind out (but in a gentle and loving manner).


Listen to her

Many men make the mistake of tuning out what their partners have to say, labeling it as nothing but idle chatter. But guess what? Unlike men, women use communication as form of expressing their emotions. So when she wants to share something with you, let her speak. And then actually pay attention to what she’s saying. And also, just because something isn’t important to you doesn’t mean it’s unimportant to her either. Get off your high horse because nobody is gonna tell you about such ways on how to treat a woman.


Observe her

Her mannerisms, her speech patterns, her gesture and body language, as well as those silly little details that she always shares with you – you should pay attention to them all. Know why? Because the smallest bit of information from you about her (that she may or may not herself be aware of) is instantly gonna brighten up her mood. Because she’ll know that when she communicates (verbally or otherwise), you’re very well aware of her habits, likes, dislikes and everything else there is to know about her.


Be supportive

It’s no secret that even today, women aren’t genuinely encouraged to have careers – it’s okay to be a career woman till she’s not pregnant. The moment she is, she’s expected to give up everything and look after her baby. Don’t be that guy. If she has dreams and passions, support her. IF she wants to open a side business, support her. If she’s going through mental health issues, be by her side. Do not dismiss her beliefs, passions and ambitions as ramblings. Take her seriously. It’s the best gift you can give her and show her how to treat a woman with the love and respect she deserves.


Ask her

Don’t always assume stuff or make decisions on her behalf, especially when it comes to things that concern her or can affect her life. Ask her what she wants from you, what she doesn’t. Ask her how she’s feeling, ask her if she’s happy in the relationship, ask her if there’s any way in which you can make things better for you. Your very simple act of simply asking her for her opinion will prove to her the high amount of respect you have in your heart for her opinions, and believe me, she’s gonna fall head over heels in love with a man like you.


Romance her ever so often

Notice how I said “ever so often” and not “generally” or “always”? This is especially true if you’re an older/mature couple that has been in a serious relationship for a long time. The sparks often disappear and your life gets stuck in a rut. So you can easily spice things up by surprising her with breakfast in bed, a night of at-home spa, and entire day of you doing nothing but going to places she wants to visit…the list is pretty endless. The only thing that has a limit is your creativity and how you can bring about a change in your romantic life.


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