Trusting your boyfriend is important in maintaining a harmonious relationship. However, there are times when you feel that he is not being honest with you. This makes you feel guilty – torn between your love for him and the desire to validate your doubts. So learn about the things that you should do with your trust issues and how to know that your boyfriend is trustworthy here in this guide.

What to Do with Trust Issues


Ask yourself why you don’t trust your boyfriend

Knowing how having trust issues can destroy your relationships, you owe it to yourself and your partner to be honest and identify the reasons why you are having doubts about him. This will give you clear direction when the time comes that you will need to confront him. It is also a good idea to list down all the reasons that you’ve thought of and identify which are valid and which are borne out of pettiness.


Think first before you react

You might have valid reasons not to trust your boyfriend, but it is also better not to do anything drastic until you have solid proof. Don’t overreact to some minor things that he did just because you think that he is lying. What the reality is and what you think it is might be different. If possible, calmly ask him about the thing that bothers you and resist running your mouth before he even have the chance to explain himself. Chances are he has some valid reasons that can totally erase your suspicions.


Don’t let your past relationships destroy your present

Just because your ex-boyfriend is a jerk does not make your current one a potential cheater. Give him a chance so you can learn how to trust your boyfriend instead of immediately branding him as untrustworthy. To make it easier, tell him right at the start about your misgivings. If you’re lucky, he’ll do everything so as not to give you any reason not to trust him. Then you’ll know that you got a keeper. But if he takes your fears lightly and choose to play with your emotions, then be thankful that you’ve exposed him for what he is.


Talk to him

Talking to him about your lack of trust is not easy no matter how you go about it. But if you want to start developing ways of how to trust your boyfriend, talking heart to heart is one thing that you cannot avoid. Being calm and reasonable helps a lot in diffusing the awkwardness in the situation. Give him a chance to say his part and avoid being argumentative. Letting him explain without screaming at his face every time you hear something you don’t agree with is definitely a good idea.


Don’t let your emotion get the better of you

While it is good to let your boyfriend know of your doubts, don’t let those trust issues consume you to the point where you no longer believe every word he says. Letting your doubts, no matter how sound they may be, rule all your actions can destroy your current relationship. Worse, the memories of bad experience can linger and even affect your chance of finding meaningful relationships in the future.

6 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Trustworthy


He’s dependable

A guy who never runs away from, and even welcomes, sharing your personal problems is someone who is easy to trust. Being there for you when you need him is a sign that he cares deeply for you. A man like that is less likely to betray your feelings.


He openly talks about his feelings

It is a good sign if your boyfriend openly talks about his feelings with you. Though there is a certain degree of mystique attached to guys who talk less, being detached and secretive even after entering into a serious relationship is a big warning sign. If your guy is not afraid to share his thoughts and feelings with you, then he is more than likely not hiding anything from you.


You’re comfortable in being with him

If you feel that nothing can hurt you when you’re with him, then there’s a good reason why you’re feeling like that. Call it woman’s instinct. You will feel it once you have learned how to trust your boyfriend completely. A trustworthy man will make you feel secure, calm, and completely protected around him.


He has nothing to hide

One way to find out if he has something to hide is to ask for his social media passwords. It doesn’t matter if you really want to log onto his accounts and spy on his online activities. What is worth watching for is his reactions when you do the asking. A trustworthy boyfriend won’t hesitate to let you peek into his online world, but a man who has lots of secrets will resist your efforts to gain access to his social media accounts.


You know everyone in his life

Or at least all the people worth knowing. Sharing his private life with you by introducing you to his close friends and family is a sign that he has nothing to hide. Allowing you to hang out with people close to him means that he’s clean as far as his past and present is concerned. A man with lots of secrets will not allow you to get near people who might accidentally spill the beans about his past. It is even more convincing if he proudly introduces you as his girlfriend to everyone.


He walks the walk

Words don’t mean anything unless they are backed with action. Does your boyfriend keep his promises? If he does, then you can convince yourself to practice how to trust your boyfriend. A man who always follows his words is a good bet not to betray your trust. Conversely, constantly not doing the things that he promised is a sign that he is not serious about your relationship and should not be trusted.


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