Regardless of whether your estrangement with your girlfriend happened a month or a year back or even if she’s dating a new guy, you bet you can win her back. There are some golden rules associated with "how to win back a girl" that you’ll surely find worth following if you love your sweetheart with all your heart. 

How to Win Back a Girl


Figure Out What Exactly You Want

Although a separation drains you out emotionally, look at this drifting apart in a positive way and stay optimistic. Constantly thinking about the past relationship will keep you from leading a normal life. You should rather view this estrangement as an opportunity to take time out for yourself and to focus on your own life. This is the time to hang out with longstanding pals, take up a new hobby, hit the gym, and most significantly, decide whether you wish to reconnect with your estranged girlfriend or find someone else and move on in life.


Be Slow and Steady

Your girlfriend might be pretty upset or miffed with you, particularly if the drifting apart was nasty and unpleasant. Give enough time for the wounds to heal up as attempting to patch-up soon after the breakup might worsen the already strained relationship. The separation gives you the space to catch up with yourself and reflect on whether you took the relationship too seriously or casually. Take the chance to really think about your or your girlfriend’s shortcomings that led to the separation.


Texting May Be a Good Way to Reconnect

Right after the breakup, it may not be courteous on your part to make a call, and you may not even feel like it. Sending across a short yet sweet SMS that’ll make her nostalgic is a near failsafe strategy of how to win back a girl. Calling her up would be a strict no-no at least in the first two weeks following the separation. But sending a brief text that reminds her of some poignant or hilarious time spent together is a better strategy.


Call Up After a Month or So

You’ve been at your courteous best by not calling her up every now and then or not irritating her by flooding her phone with texts. You’ve been demonstrated towering patience in the first three months after separation. This favorably puts you back on the road to how to win back a girl and you’re in a position to make a phone call.

Keep your wits about you and stay calm before dialing the number. State briefly whatever you’ve got to say, be it a going to a movie or a concert together, and give her time to respond. Try several times with patience and courtesy and she will say yes if her heart still beats for you.


Ask for Forgiveness

If you realize that your girlfriend left you because you treated her shabbily and didn’t offer her the attention she deserved, then you should make up for your faults. You should be man enough to walk up to her and ask for forgiveness. If your request for apology is heartfelt, she’ll surely melt.


Tell Her You Want Her Back

In case she accepts your invitation, you have a slim opportunity to open yourself up to her. Make yourself vulnerable by telling her you’re finding it really difficult to carry on in life without her but don’t overdo it. Or else, she’ll be left with the feeling that you’re still immature and incapable of taking care of yourself. Bear in mind don’t emphasize on what went wrong and how the breakup could have been avoided.


Make Her Long for You

Time, they say, is the best healer. Scars in a breakup needs time to heal and you have to learn how to win back a girl to get her back. Try to get close to her by frequenting the places she usually visits. For instance, you can hang out with some of your close buddies in the shopping mall she normally goes to. If she's around, talk joyfully and laugh merrily with your friends, wave to her but then go back to your friends, show her how a happy and nice guy you have become.    


Take Her Out

Ask her out for a movie or a dinner at a decent restaurant. Present her with a bouquet or complimentary greetings card and tell her that it’s great to have her back in your life. Be attentive to what she has to say and maintain eye contact with her.


Make Her Chase You for a Change

The relationship maybe soured because you were too entreating or condescending in your part when it came to offering compliments or expressing your love. Simply put, she took you for granted, and strayed away by typecasting you as just another bumblebee that’ll always be there for her.

So if the first time was too easy, make her chase you this time and tone down your habit of paying a compliment at the drop of a hat. For example, give her some attention but act distracted or busy when she's around, just give one compliment for one thing well done, or press down your urge of coming to her in a party or togethering and let her take initiative.


Focus On Your Girl

The fact that you flirted inordinately with other women even in her presence or that you didn’t spend sufficient time with her may have led to the breakup. So, a sound strategy on how to win back a girl that you can exploit is to give all your attention to her to convince her that you’ve changed for the better. Make her believe that she’s the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.


Win Her Trust

Women not only tend to mature earlier than men (both physically and mentally) but also remain so throughout lifetime. So, as a man, your best bet would be to act and develop habits demonstrating that you mature enough, showing her that you are a responsible and reliable person and proving to her hat you can take good care of her.


Keep the Girl This Time

If you two came out of the cinema or restaurant holding hands and smiling at each other, then tell yourself to be a better person and mend all bad deeds this time. Try to be your natural self, love her with all your heart and don’t foul up matters once more.


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