What’s a hypothetical question? A hypothetical question is a question on the “What ifs?” of a given situation. It doesn’t have to be anything reflecting close to a reality. It questions the person’s hindsight, reveals what his beliefs and values are. Discussing and arguing over hypothetical questions could create enriching banter while being entertaining. Your creativity and insights are tested as you attempt a hypothetical question. We have an extensive collection of hypothetical question below. Share them with your friends or ponder over it alone, get your imagination running and have some fun!

35 Short & 10 Longer Hypothetical Questions to Ask Your Friends


35 Short Hypothetical Questions

  1. A building is on fire, would you save your one sibling or four strangers?

  2. Would a turtle with no shell be homeless or naked?

  3. How will anyone know a word that is misspelled in a dictionary?

  4. As you arrive at the Pearly Gates in Heaven, What would you like God to say to you?

  5. Honesty is the best policy, but is dishonesty second best then?

  6. Which one of Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter would you choose for the rest of your life?

  7. Where would you go if it is past midnight and you don’t to go home just yet?

  8. You are offered an accurate prediction of where you would be in 20 years time. You won’t have the ability to alter the future that they told you. Would you choose to hear it?

  9. A person with multiple personalities is threatening to kill himself. If so, would you consider it a hostage situation?

  10. Would you change your job at your current employer or company if the salary you receive is the same?

  11. What would you buy if you are given a random $1000 from a really generous millionaire?

  12. If you could choose on, would you rather be famous or rich?

  13. You receive a power to grant a single wish to another person. Who would you grant the wish to? Why?

  14. You are given five years offer of free, unlimited services for one of the following: Masseuse, chauffeur or a good cook. Which one would you choose?

  15. Which one of your fears will you instantly overcome if given the power to?

  16. Which of the happiest day of your life would you choose to relive if you could?

  17. You are given a chance to relive your last year. Will you change any of the decisions you had made?

  18. Would you rather be an immortal but is unhappy or live only for fifty years of incredible happiness

  19. You are given a million dollars to spend, but the catch is that you die in 7 days. How would you use that money?

  20. Could you get a sock stuffed in your mouth without using your feet or hands?

  21. What would you do if you only have twenty-four hours left to live?

  22. Friendship or relationship, which would you choose?

  23. You have the power to gain twenty years of extra life by leaving a stranger to death, would you do it?

  24. You are about to lose two of your whole limbs (legs or arms), which two would you choose to forego?

  25. What would you teach if you just had to teach something?

  26. Your face is disfigured and so you need to wear a mask for a lifetime, what kind will you pick?

  27. What would you wear for the rest of your life if you only had one set of clothes?

  28. You are informed that you are going blind in 2 months, where would travel and see?

  29. What would you do with an ability to become invisible for a day?

  30. You need a sudden ride back at three in the morning, who would you get to pick you up?

  31. Who do you think would be more than happy to donate their kidney if you need one urgently for a life or death operation?

  32. Would you want to know if you are actually a robot?

  33. You had become stranded on a remote island with no food to eat but your dead companions. Would you eat their bodies for survival?

  34. You were now the opposite sex for the day. How would you think you will look like? What would be the first thing you do?

  35. If you were asked to write a novel. What would you write it about?


10 Longer Hypothetical Questions

  1. You have been dared to spend a night in a remote house alone just for the sake of it. The house is well-known to be haunted, but you are not given any further information apart from that. Electricity has been cut off but the water is perfectly running and drinkable, along with the rest of the utilities. You are only allowed to bring a flashlight or lantern for the company. The nearest residents live five miles away. Would you do it?

  2. You have been raising up the most brilliant child for a year long. The hospital just informed you of a slight mix-up, that the child isn’t actually yours. Would you exchange the child to fix that mistake?

  3. (For this question, pretend that you are single even if you are currently in a relationship) You have the wonderful chance to meet and be with someone of your dreams, a perfect partner you can ever imagine. However, you know that your partner will cheat on you with someone else in six months. Once your partner found out that you know about the affair, he/she will leave you for the fling and want to have nothing more to do with you. Would you still meet and fall for the person, experiencing the 6 months of probably the best love life? Then you'd suffer the pain that would follow. (If you choose to go with it, you will forget about the heartbreaking event coming up in six months)

  4. You won a lottery and are given the following options: Take $10,000 for yourself or share the money with 100 strangers. While you can’t pick who the money is given to, you are told that all of them could really use the $1000. Which one would you go for?

  5. If your fiance suddenly had an accident that turn him/her paraplegic, would you still marry him/her or back out?

  6. You have been given an offer for $1,000,000 for an elaborate Russian roulette. You are to choose between 10 different pistols before you, only one is loaded. All you have to do is pick one, put it up against your forehead and then pull the trigger. If you walk away unscathed, you would become and instant millionaire. Would you accept the offer?

  7. Someone you have known for life is in deep pain, paralyzed and know that the sickness will eat he/she away in a month. He desperately begs you to give him a painless, instant lethal injection so he/she can die. No one will know the deal. Would you kill your close friend?

  8. Would you go without washing, teeth brushing or deodorant for three whole months to win $35,000? You are to remain mute of the deal for whatever the case until the three months end or the offer is gone.

  9. You know that you will die within three months (caused by incurable diseases of the sort). Would you have yourself cryogenically frozen within the week itself? You would have a decent chance of survival in 1000 years, with the cure for the incurable disease found and so live an extended life.

  10. You are leading a rescue mission on 100 people. The lives of the people are in danger and you only have two courses of action to take. The first option will kill 10 people, but the rest would live. The second option will give you 70% chance of getting everyone saved, but if you were to fail, everyone would die. Which one would you choose?


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