You may become paranoid when you feel your girl is lying to you about something. Your first guess is that she is doing it because she is cheating. If that is not the case, you believe your girl wants to hold something important back from you. What makes a girl lie to her partner may vary from situation to situation, but instead of making assumptions and saying, "I think my girlfriend is lying to me", you should go to talk to her directly. However, the problem is that if she is not lying, confronting her could escalate the problem. It is therefore important to look for some signs that tell your girl is not being straight with you. Let's find out more about it.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Lying to You


She No Longer Talks Naturally

It means that your girl is probably lying to you when she does not talk as she normally does. What she says would sound more like rehearsed than anything else. If she is quite talkative but stops giving you more details about her day, this could be a warning sign. A good way to confirm if she is lying to you is to ask about the same story at another time. If she rigidly repeats the same story word for word, there is certainly something fishy, because it means she practiced the lines before and why would she bother to do that if she is being frank and open. So next time when you have doubts about your girlfriend,  do not just say, "I think my girlfriend is lying to me", check the this sign instead.


Her Story Is Inconsistent

It means that she has not rehearsed her lines and is now confused about what to say. You will notice inconsistencies in her story. Ask her about the same story at some other time and be warned if she mixes up or forgets major details. It is not that big a deal to forget minor details, but if she is not sure about the name of the friend she has been with, there is certainly something wrong.


She Panics When You Confront Her

It is normal for you to ask about her day, but if you ask her the same question and she starts to panic, like changing her tone, starting talking fast and being alarmed or even getting mad at you for being so inquisitive, it is another telltale sign that she is hiding something.


She May Skip or Give Too Many Details

You should feel concerned if she often talks too much but suddenly decides to give you few details about her day. The opposite is also true – you ask her and she continues to give irrelevant details. It is also important to consider the personality of your girlfriend. Is she generally chirpy or silent? You should be looking for a sudden change in her behavior before saying, "I think my girlfriend is lying to me."


Eye contact means a lot

It is natural for people to avoid eye contacts when they lie. Your girlfriend may look away a lot if she is lying and trying to hide something. This shows that she is feeling uncomfortable while providing you with the details of her day. She is avoiding your judging gaze and that could indicate a problem. Keep in mind that sometimes the opposite also indicates an issue – she may look straight in the eye to feel better and make you believe in what she is saying. If it goes over-the-top, there certainly is an issue.


She Keeps You from Double Checking

When you think she is indeed cheating and you want to confirm it by taking some action like checking her phone, she will not let you do it. However, there is also a problem if you manage to check her phone but there is absolutely nothing in her inbox or gallery. It means she has just erased everything to ensure you could not find out anything.


She Tries to Be Sexy to Distract Your Attention

If your girlfriend, who is generally very sober, suddenly tries to be sexy when you ask her about something, you should take that as a warning sign. Girls think that the best way to change a topic is by being sexy, but do not let this tactic work.


She Shows No Response to Surprises

If you give her a gift just to make her happy, but she doesn’t feel comfortable accepting your gift or she shows no reaction, it probably means she is not into you or she is feeling guilty about something she has done.


She Has No Interest in Your Conversations

If you are telling her stories and she just keeps saying yes to everything, it means something is not right. You should be aware of the problem and say, “I think my girlfriend is lying to me”, because in a good relationship, she should show interest and be willing to give her input when having a conversation with you.


Her Body Language Tells She Is Lying

If she suddenly started acting irregularly, she might be lying about something. When people lie, they cannot be fluid and relaxed with their movements. It means you can get an idea about your girlfriend being a liar by watching her body language closely. She may start giving extra little gestures to draw your attention to something else. There might be a slight twitch of her facial muscles. Be sure to pay attention to how she reacts when you ask her about her day, and also keep in mind how she reacts under normal circumstances.


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