There’s a reason why relationships end before they begin today. Apart from people having huge egos and little to no patience, immature dating habits are also to be blamed for the short spans of relationships. Now, while we’ve compiled a list of dating habits that’re immature, we haven’t got into details as to why exactly they are immature. Because let’s face it, if you aren’t mature enough to understand/accept that such actions are childish, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this article in the first place.

Dating Habits Showing That You’re Immature


Broadcasting Your Love to the World


Just no.

You’re not 12. You don’t need validation from strangers on the internet, nor do you need to show off how happy you are. Because if you truly were happy, you wouldn’t need your friends to tell you how lucky you are and how jealous they are of your relationship. All these are nothing but tactics to inflate your ego, and in all probability, your partner doesn’t even enjoy you showcasing parts of your private life on the internet.


Letting Your Friends Decide Your Dates

But why? If you aren’t confident in your decision making capacity, it automatically means you’re mentally immature. And when people are immature, they shouldn’t be dating others and ruining their lives, but should be reflecting upon their own flaws so that they can overcome them in order to become actual adults.


Making Your Date Jealous

One of the worst immature dating habits is trying to make your partner jealous by openly discussing your ex or members of the opposite sex, right in front of them. If you feel the need to make them jealous, it can only be because you:

1. Want to get back at them for something they did

2. Want to attract attention or get a reaction

3. Are doing it just because you can

For #1 and #2, talk to him. It’s what adults do. For #3, grow up because you’re not a fucking child.



Threats don’t really work in the world of adults. If anything, you’ll end up pissing them off even more and show them exactly how much of a child you are. And you have another thing coming if you threaten them too much.

For example, don’t threaten to break things off at the smallest signs of trouble, because not only will your words have less of an effect every time you use the same threat, but there will come a point when other threats of yours will become ineffective.

You know what adults do? They work their way out through troubling times.


Pressuring Them to Share Their Passwords with You

Why? If you don’t trust them then why are you in a relationship? Talk about immature dating habits!

Also, “If you have nothing to hide then why don’t you share everything with me?” doesn’t really work. Know why? Because there’s a little something called ‘privacy’ and ‘personal space’ (yes, even on the internet) that adults enjoy having.


Planning the Time Period of Your Responses


Reply to their texts when you get the time. Plain and simple. If you’re going to calculate the period of time elapsed between every text that’s sent or received, you’re going to end up being in a mathematically complicated relationship. Mind games aren’t for those looking for genuine relationships.


Lowering You Expectations

No, you aren’t being realistic when it comes to dating. What you are doing is being a pathetic coward who’d rather spend time with the wrong person and wasting their and their partner’s time and emotions on a fake relationship, rather than being by themselves and learning to love their own company.


Making Them Guess Why You’re Mad

This is one of the most prevalent immature dating habits in the dating world today. Well, guess what? If you’re too immature to TALK your problem out like an actual adult, you’re too immature to BE in a relationship. Call it quits now.


Having Important Conversations Through Texts

Yes, it’s easier to communicate with people through texts and DMs, but if your entire relationship is based on a virtual existence instead of actual face to face communication, you might have to rethink things. Because if you aren’t confident/excited enough to talk to your partner face to face, then obviously there’s something wrong.


Washing Your Dirty Laundry in Public

There’s a difference between sharing your problem with your best friend, and putting up statuses on betrayal on your Facebook profile, which is up for all 700 of your friends to view. No good has ever come of out publicly humiliating your partner or showing the world that your relationship is in trouble. If anything, this will simply accelerate the demise of your relationship.


Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

If you pretended to like animals just to get close to her, and now make up every excuse believable not to be in the presence of her dog, how long do you think you can keep it up before she recognizes you lied to her?

First, know that you don’t have to like exactly what your partner likes. Having mutual interests is hugely overrated. Second, a relationship built on a lie is going to crumble soon enough, whether you realize it or not. Don’t even begin to go down the path of such immature dating habits.


Ignoring Them/Their Friends

…when you’re in the company of your friends. That’s terrible on multiple levels. First, why are you even with your partner if you’re going to ignore them all night long? As an ego boost? To show off to your friends? Shame on you.

Second, what does this speak of your relationship? About how comfortable you are publicly avoiding someone you came with on a night out?

Why are you even with such a person? And more importantly – why is this person with you? Because you’re obviously not worth their emotions.


Not Saying What You Mean

It’s never been cool, and it’s never going to be cool. At least among adults. If you say something, mean it. If you mean something, say it. Saying you’ll arrive at 6 and then making a grand entrance at 8 is NOT going to make you look like a boss. It’s going to make you look like a fucking douchebag whose words can never be taken seriously.


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