You just meet a guy you really like and you feel that it is love at first sight. You feel that there is a spark between the two of you and you believe that you just found your soulmate. You start dating and you were right, you get along well and you share the same interests.

But then one day, you notice that something have changed in the way he smiles at you, the way he calls your name and the way he treats you. He barely answers your calls and he does not go out of his way to show that he cares. You suddenly feel that the spark is gone. How can you really tell if a guy is starting to lose interest in you?

Is He Losing Interest?

It is really painful to see your guy losing interest in you. But how can you know for sure if he never told you about how he truly feels? This article will give you ten tips on how to tell if your man of your dreams is now starting to become Frankenstein.

He suddenly becomes silent

If he used to talk to you a lot then suddenly he won’t answer your calls or won’t reply to your messages, it means he wants to put you aside. That means he wants to get rid of you partially, so that when he is lonely, he can still call on you for booty call. If he has not talked to you for a week and then suddenly calls on a weekend night, ladies, don’t even bother to answer. He was busy-busy with other girls. And since you are the only one around, he wants you to warm up his cold, lonely night.


He doesn’t plan your next date

When a man is truly interested, he will have clear plans on when will be your date or even next date because he is excited. A man will always pursue the woman he loves and will never keep her guessing and waiting. If you notice that your man doesn’t plan when your next date will be because he says "he still doesn’t know his activities for the week” or if he always cancels a date during the last minute, then it might be time to let go. In this case, the answer to the question, "Is he losing interest?" is definitely yes, he is. 


Your relationship becomes unclear

If he doesn’t spend as much time with you like he used to but you just saw on his social media account that he just went out with his friends or family, yeah maybe your man is losing interest in you. Besides, if you spend more time thinking what his plans for you are, or if he doesn’t even want to let you know what his activities are, ditch him.


He doesn’t want to label your relationship

If he never talks to you about making your relationship official or never gives you hints that you are the right woman for him but would treat you like his girlfriend, this is a huge red flag that you should never ignore. If he really wants a serious relationship with you, he will commit and tag a label on your relationship. If he doesn't but still wants to have intimate moments with you, pull away because he is probably just a hopeless douche bag.


He lacks effort

When a man is really interested in a woman, he will do everything to impress her. Is he losing interest? He may be is if he no longer exerts effort whenever you go out on a date. If you notice that during your first date, he was well-dressed and he really exerted an effort to pick you up from work even if it is a thirty minutes’ drive. But then suddenly, he stops all these, not paying too much attention to his appearance or just wanting to meet you at the destination of your date. Then it might be time to think twice. 


He puts you down

This may happen not only in person but also through text or calls. If he suddenly ignores you, makes offensive jokes or sneers on almost everything you say, it is best to avoid this kind of men. A man does this because he is starting to feel annoyed with the presence of the woman. Men, and even women, use this trick to get rid of someone. Remember ladies, you don’t deserve to be treated this way.


Your closeness is declining

A man may sometimes be cold if he is stressed or tired from work, but if he has been cold to you for some time now, it’s time to sit down and talk to your partner. He may be losing interest if he doesn't intentionally cuddle you and if he loses interest in having sex with you. If you notice that your guy is not as sweet as he was before, trust your instincts because they may be correct.


You are not his priority

It is healthy that you and your partner still spend time with your friends or colleagues. Besides, giving yourself and your partner some “me time” allows both of you to grow independently as a person which makes you a better partner. But if your partner spends almost all of his time with his friends instead of you, there is no doubt that he may be bored with you and doesn’t want to be with you anymore.


He suddenly disappears

This is one of the most painful things a guy can ever do to a girl. If a man suddenly goes missing in action, your calls are left unanswered, your texts are ignored and you don’t even know what he is doing and where he is at the moment, it only shows that he doesn’t care for you. So the answer to the question "Is he losing interest?" is clear. This only confirms that he does not value your relationship. Why would you want to stay with a man who doesn’t even care about you having sleepless nights and awful mornings because you are worried about him?


He acts indifferently

If you are beginning to feel that there is something wrong with your relationship and you can't feel his love, trust your instincts.


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