Regardless of how long you're in a relationship, you just have figured out that she's not the best person for you. What should you do? Sometimes you may want to break an either short or long relationship, which may be the easiest way. However, there's a problem. You're probably looking to do it properly, without having to hurt your partner. But the majority of people are breaking their relationship severely with hard wrangles. No matter what's the reason for breaking up and leaving your partner, just don't despair.

Lesbian Breakup Advice

If you decide to leave your partner, it's probably not easy to find the most competent way to do so. You can make the whole situation easier by following these simple rules and tips.

Know what you really want

Ask yourself once again is this what you want and are you sure that a breakup is the only solution for the situation you're in now. Make sure you don't decide too quickly. Take your time to analyze the situation. Avoid making a decision when you're angry because your brain doesn't function in a calm way. That's why you should breathe deeply and make sure that your decision isn't a product of your anger, wrath or something similar.


Don’t talk about your decision to others

The worst thing you can do is talking about your decision to your mutual friends. Doing so, your partner can discover about your plan and will simply make you miserable. It’s best to talk to someone who isn’t in touch with her. And if you only have mutual friends, then simply try to establish an open and sincere conversation with your partner, telling her all about the negative aspects of your relationship and your decision about leaving.


Conversation is always useful

Conversation can help people solve their existing problems. It's also a useful piece of lesbian breakup advice. If you have invested a lot of time and effort into changing the things that bother you in a relationship but your partner doesn't seem to care, then you should try to make the final conversation with her about your relationship. Explain your points, tell her that it's over and suggest distancing from each other.


Promises and false hopes are not helpful

Keep in mind the fact that she'll most likely keep asking you many questions about why all of these are happening. If the situation gets too emotional, don't give up; just do what you have ultimately decided. Regardless of her gentle words full of love and passion, promises that she'll become better, and requests for a new chance, you should stay focused and stalwart. People get too emotional and become soft when they see tears, feelings, and passion, so it's easy to defer and give up at that moment. One thing is clear: she'll not change no matter what she says now.


When she’s not guilty

You feel terrible whenever you remember that you have to break up. Your partner is so cute and simple. However, you're looking for something else and, therefore, want to stop a relationship which seems all right. Don't hesitate and act according to proven lesbian breakup advice. It's better to break up a relationship if the love isn't mutual than hurt your partner and torment yourself with false hopes. Explain to your partner that she's not guilty. Offer a friendship but be ready for rejection.


Listen to her

Try to stay calm because you don't know how your partner is going to react to your decision. Bring up all facts and remain sincere. Be ready for tears, confusion, and many questions. Tell all your reasons and try to explain what you expected from your relationship but haven't got. Don't be empty and listen to your partner and what she has to say after all. If you don't find any compromise, then it's time to go. But if your partner says that she can offer what you're looking for, it's ok to give her another chance, especially if there's no valid reason for breakup. However, if you want to take apart yourself at all costs, just explain that you don't have any mutual interests.


When a partner can’t accept a break up

According to this lesbian breakup advice, you should be very careful if your partner gets too anxious. In this case, she's not able to accept the fact that she's abandoned, and that's why she might ask the same questions all the time and tell the same stories again and again. It can go so far that your partner doesn't even want to leave your house. She creates drama in public places, such as restaurant or club. It's ok to leave her for a day or two, but if she keeps bothering you, ask for help.


Don’t be afraid of assaults

If your partner begins with assaults by telling you that she can't live without you and that she's going to kill herself or your future partner, just try not to give her a reaction. It’s exactly what she’s looking for. She will most likely never do what she says, but you can explain to her that doing so will change nothing between you two. Instead, it'll just make it worse. Blackmail is a desperate and cowardly act. A majority of people believe those threats are real, and that's why they often change their mind. However, if your partner isn't confident enough to live on her own, then you surely don't deserve that person in your life.


Keep your new love under wraps

If you found a new person for whom you think is more compatible with you than your current partner, it's not the smartest idea to reveal any personal information of that person and reasons for why you have chosen her. Rather, stick to arguments that bother you in a current relationship. She doesn't need to know about your new romance. If you tell her, she might be hurt too much and cause you some serious problems. Pay attention to this lesbian breakup advice and keep the information about your new love for yourself until the situation becomes more relaxed.


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