Why do men spend so much time with their fellow men? That's because guy time, just like girl time, is important for an individual's growth. The major difference between men and women is how they socialize: Girls tend to go shopping, watch movies or TV series, gossip, eat some good stuff, etc., while guys' activities almost always involve a controller, an engine, a few drinks... Let's gain a deeper insight into the guy time with the following bonding activities guys usually do.

Male Bonding Activities


Enjoy Time at Barbershop

What is interesting about being in a barber shop? Unlike women who look for fancy hair salons for the looks, men are enticed by the company at the barbers -- old men, interesting stories of people with different lifestyles, classic hairstyles and the latest in sports! As a man gets his hair cut, he also gets to hear about war stories, what's happening in society and wisdom for the day.


Play With Their Tools

There is a connection between men and the tool box. For them, fixing and demolishing things are fun. You will see them gathered around their buddies trying to fix a car or a machine. There is a fascination attached to renovating and constructing. It is the power to create and men like to work as a team to solve a problem. Helping a friend to overhaul, adjust or rectify something is a challenge man like to undertake.


Play Video Games

The old saying that boys will be boys is true. Despite their age, men enjoy video games, one of the most popular male bonding activities. You always see them tied to that computer game on the couch because it is a great way to relax. Men like to compete and cooperate in challenges. You will find men online playing with friends virtually or exploring the fantasy worlds of adventure games. It feels just like hunting!


Have the Ultimate Night Out

A night out with friends at a strip club is one of the mischievous male activities you can try. You’ll find them at the nightclub having fun and laughing their hearts out. This is a shared passion because most guys enjoy the naughty and wild nights out with friends. They like to get out of hand sometimes.


Watch Sports Game

Men across the world love sports. They may not love the same sports, but they generally enjoy watching some sort of sport. It is somewhat the ultimate expression of manliness. Whether it’s the competitive nature of sport or the exhilarating loud environment, there’s no doubt that watching a game is man’s favorite pastime. Sports bring men together because they discover who they are, their likes and dislikes. During a match, they do all sorts of things, like hitting the tables, screaming their heads off, and just going barbaric -- it’s definitely one of the male bonding activities.


Play Sports

Men not only love watching sports games, but also like playing sports, like basketball, football, tennis, hockey, cricket, etc. It's a great way to work out, have fun, spend time with friends, and unwind from all the pressure from work or something. 


Go Fishing

Fishing is no walk in the park. One has to deal with a ton of things including boats, weather, gear, bait and other related stuff. However, you can’t take away the serenity and opportunity for one-on-one bonding fishing brings. It’s a great way to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long while. There’s also the chance for bragging rights if you make a big catch. Remember to carry a few beers.


Grab a Drink After Work

Drinking in the company of friends is the easiest way for guys to bond. Booze, cocktail, hard liquor, spirits, mixed drinks or wine -- the list is endless. For men, having a couple of drinks with friends is the quickest way to unwind after a long week at work. They talk about anything and everything when in a pub drinking. Discussions about work, family, business or the latest news dominate their conversations.


Other Male Bonding Activities

  • Bike riding: Men enjoy riding bikes from a young age because it is a thrilling activity. You can discover many hidden corners and unexplored parts of the country while riding a bicycle.

  • Going on an exploration trip is fun and relaxing. It involves unique activities such as river rafting and diving. It helps to sharpen sports skills and overcome inborn fears.

  • Look for gadgets: Unlike most women who enjoy shopping for clothes, men like buying the latest gadgets. From the technology room to online stores, you get phones and fancy tools.

  • Watch action movies: The danger and excitement of action packed movies are unexplainably attractive for guys.

  • Enjoy delicious foods: Like the saying goes, "Great food is the way to any man’s heart". 


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