It can be terribly difficult to be in a relationship with a manipulative girlfriend. For starters, she’s so cunning that you won’t even realize for a good portion of your relationship as to how smartly you have been manipulated by her. But eventually, the lies and manipulation do seep through and you begin to see a clearer picture of who your girlfriend really is. So if you’re googling articles on manipulative girlfriends, then congratulations! You’ve already crossed the first step of your problem – accepting that you’re a victim of manipulation.

Signs You Have a Manipulative Girlfriend

Here are a few tell-tale signs that I’ve jotted down for you, which will help you understand how she manages to manipulate you. And if she’s guilty of using 4 or more of these tactics, you’re better off alone.

You never win any arguments with her

Sure, she can simply be right all the time, but really, what are the chances of that ever happening? You’re either too stupid to make valid points for your perspective, or she always manipulates you and your arguments in a way that makes her out to be the winner. All the freaking time.


Conflicts are seldom resolved

You might think they are, but the truth is that you guys are back to square one. All she did was manipulate you into believing the issue was resolved, and the only time you realize this is when you have a second, third or even fourth argument on the same topic.


Everything is always your fault

This is one of the most important strategies of a manipulative girlfriend – blaming you for everything so much so that you lose confidence in yourself and you accept her decision as the word of God. You’re told you’re unable to see things from her perspective, and you can never know how she feels because you can never walk into her shoes. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so.


You’re the one who always apologises

Because hey, she can never be wrong. And you know what? You genuinely believe that you are the one who is wrong, which makes the manipulation worse.


Her presence makes you anxious

More so if she wants you to do something for her. You’re afraid of failing her, not because of love, but because of fear. You know how things will end if you don’t do what she asks – a terrible argument that you’re bound to lose.


It’s impossible to say no to her

You cannot deny her request because that too would fuel an argument between you two. You feel helpless, but you know standing up for yourself is only going to make matters worse when it comes to your manipulative girlfriend. So you let it slide, every single time.


She never answers your questions directly

This is a trait common in all manipulators – whenever they feel they are being cornered with questions, they immediately change the topic or deflect the answers in such a smart manner that you forget you even have to ask them something. At the end of it, you’re left wondering, "Why are we even discussing Greenland’s weather? Wasn’t the topic about her coming home late every single night?"


She’s isolated you from friends and family

In the beginning, you felt like all she wants you to do is to spend more time with her. But over time you realize how long it’s been since you’ve hung out with friends or family. They start complaining to you about how they never get to see you ever since you got into a relationship, and that’s when it strikes you – she wants you all to herself. And not in a good way. Her aim of isolating you is to get rid of your support system so that you have nobody but her to run back to when something goes wrong in your life. And this gives her a lot of power over you.


You’re forced to justify your actions to others

Everybody around you sees your girl for who she really is – a manipulative girlfriend; they constantly point out what her true intentions to you are. And that’s when you’re forced to go into defensive mode and justify all her actions to those around you, no matter how stupid those justifications are.


You don’t like yourself

I mean sure, self-hate is okay and even normal every once in a while. But you’ve changed as a person and that reflects in your emotional state of mind. You’ve lost a lot of confidence and self-esteem, you’re weak, and you always cave in to her demands. This isn’t who you were before you met her, and you hate who you have become now.


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