Women and men are not built the same way. Everybody should know this by now. There is a way a woman would want to be treated and there is a certain way a man would want his own treatment. The common error, however, is that some men treat women like they are fellow men (not their fault of course – they don’t know better) and the same goes for women. So bear this in mind that a man tends to respond to respect or reverence and women tend to respond to emotional attention. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but by and large (and also thanks to society) this is the general consensus among people. However still, a lot of women make mistakes about men in one way or another.

Mistakes Women Make with Men

It is very easy to make a mistake when dealing with a man. They may have a hard exterior but they still have emotions. Here are some mistakes women may make with men and how best to avoid them.

Trying to Change Him

Unfortunately, a lot of women grow up with, and relate very well, to Disney fairy tales. There is always a "Prince Charming" who is perfect in every way. This idea makes women paint an impossible picture of a man, and only when they are well in their 30s, they finally realize these princes don’t exist. And sometimes, instead of facing reality, a few women decide to change the person they are with into that picture they have had in their heads since they were little girls. This usually goes badly for both parties in the relationship and the worst part of it is that, in almost every case, women do not do these things consciously.


Comparing Him to Others

Men are territorial beings who unfortunately have big egos, and they do not take comparisons very lightly. Comparing a man to another man is demeaning to him. If a man actually cares about a woman, he will most likely play along with the comparison, or ignore it completely. But before long, it would begin to show that he feels threatened and he would act accordingly. No one is going to enjoy this part of the relationship, and this path almost always leads to the destruction of an otherwise healthy relationship


Being Jealous/Obsessive/Suspicious

One of the mistakes women make with men is holding true an age-old, flawed school of thought – that extreme emotions in a relationship are a good thing. They are not. When a woman displays such emotions and continues in that vein, it soon turns into paranoia where her man can’t even smile at another lady without being accused of infidelity. This is why it is important for a woman to learn to balance her emotional responses and logical reasoning.


Not Respecting His Personal Space

Mi casa es su casa – this is a saying which literally translates into "my house is your house". However, no matter how close two people are, they still need their personal space because let’s face it, we all came into this planet alone. And even twins don’t pop out the same time. It is considered disrespectful if a person intrudes on another’s space, but most women think that this space disappears when they are in a relationship. Ignoring space here could also mean small things, like going through his phone or making unannounced visits at his apartment. The point here is that we all need space; some just need more space than others.


Being Stingy

In the good old days, the man was the sole provider for the home and women stayed home to do domestic chores. But it is just not so anymore, and sticking to this century-old thinking becomes one of the mistakes women make with men. Many women think it is the man’s job to provide for her, and they (the women) should continuously be on the receiving end. This is a huge turn off for the modern man, because by doing so, the woman becomes a liability and eventually, a burden. Men like strong, independent women – not leeches.


Wanting the Man to Complete Them

There is a saying "you complete me", and even though it is sweet to say this, women need to know we are all complete individuals from the get go. But lots of women get into relationships because they feel they need to be complete. This rarely works out well. And to fix this issue, women need to realize that they are good enough by themselves – they don’t need a man to complete them! They should place value on themselves and then share that value in the relationship they choose to go into.


Giving Off Mixed Signals

Another challenge men have to deal with is the generic romance novel plot, which is magical from start to finish. A woman would say she is fine when she is clearly not fine. Ladies, he is NOT a mind reader. You got a problem? SAY it. Sadly, today a lot women have become mixed symbol queens, as they believe that everything can be understood without actual speech (like in some romance novels). Men don’t get this, and they’d rather dump you than put up with your mixed signals. This is one of the most damaging mistakes women make with men.


Being Non-Compliant

This does not in any way imply that a woman should be a slave to anybody or that she should not air her honest opinions about issues. But the way in which some women go about it can be considered vindictive. There comes a time in every relationship where the parties involved have to agree to disagree in order to have peace. For many women this becomes hard. Thanks to the pressure by society at large for wanting women to be strong, a lot of women end up becoming Miss Always Right. They have to be right 100% of the time, which is not healthy in any relationship. When women continue behaving like this, it progresses to nagging, complaining, whining and arguing, and no man would ever want to be in a relationship with such a woman.


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