Many women cannot entertain the thought of dating a man five years older than they are let alone getting married to one. A woman thinks it is gross even if they have relatives married to older men. This feeling only lasts for a while until they fall deeply in love with a man ten years older than them. Is it okay if my boyfriend is 10 years older than me? This article describes why a boyfriend ten years older is fine.

It's Awesome That My Boyfriend Is 10 Years Older Than Me


He has found himself

This man is experienced in life and is sure of himself. He knows who he is, what he wants, what he likes or dislikes from the word go. He is easy and confident at the same time. Just what you are looking for. Besides, you are sure to learn a thing or two from him.


You are important in his life

You will never hear him saying things like, “Give me some more space, 'cause I have to focus on my career right now”. A man ten years older than you is settled in his career. He has more time to spend with you and focus on your mutual interests and desires. Things cannot get better than this.


He sees your depth

An older man will always enjoy a good conversation. He is interested in your ideas, adventure and even career. He will listen to what you have to say, so do not waste this opportunity to share your experiences with him.


He is considerate and understanding

Should I be worried if my boyfriend is 10 years older than me? No. In fact, an older man is more sensitive to your feelings. He understands your emotional needs and is ready to take care of them. Unlike younger men who care more about a hearty laugh than taking time to care for their partners. If you are looking for empathy and understanding, settle for an older man is not a bad choice.


You will always be younger than him

A boyfriend ten years older than you will appreciate your youth. He will be happy to be surrounded by a vibrant young soul. It makes him feel younger and more energetic. This, in turn, makes you feel loved and desired.


He can hand family issues properly

Older men understand how families operate. He is aware of expected outcomes and knows how to handle tense and awkward situations. You do not need to worry since he will step in for you anytime you feel overwhelmed.


He takes on responsibility

If you are worried since your boyfriend is ten years older than you, worry no more since older men are known to be responsible. They will pay the bills, help with doing the laundry and keep valuable stuff safe. They have already experienced the consequences or irresponsibility and are not willing to take risks. Go for an older man if you value responsibility.


He acts like a gentleman

An older man knows everything about how to court and respect a woman. He will pull chairs, open doors, reserve dinner and even call instead of texting. That is just how he operates. If you meet a young man with such tendencies, they definitely were taught by their father.


He is good at bed

For older men, sexual experience goes without saying. He may not have the energy to have sex all the time, but he may teach you a couple of things. He is also ready to listen and cater to your needs instead of letting his ego take the lead like his younger counterpart.


You don't have to worry about financial issues

My boyfriend is 10 years older than me. Is that okay? Of course it is. He may not be rich but is at least financially secure. You do not need to worry about cost sharing even after courtship. Unless you choose to, most probably all your financial needs will be taken care of.


He is ready to settle down

Most of the time, an older man is done moving around, and all he wants is to settle down with one woman for the remaining days on earth. Since women mature faster than men and are ready to settle down earlier, older men may be a better option. He may have undergone vasectomy, or has children from previous relationships, but if you want a baby, there is always room for discussion.


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