One of the greatest joys in this lifetime is having your own child. But the question is "Are you ready for it?" Having a baby is a big responsibility, so you should not only be physically prepared but also be financially, emotionally and psychologically prepared as well. Normally, the issue of having a baby or not is discussed by couples who have been married, but what if your boyfriend tells you that he wants one now? What do you think are the reasons that he is telling you this? What does he really mean?

My Boyfriend Wants a Baby: What Does It Really Mean?


His biological clock is ticking

Just like women, men have hormones which give them the sexual drive. According to studies, younger men have higher rates of having a healthier baby compared to older men. Studies also find that young dads have the capacity to provide long-term care for their babies.


He’s ready for responsibilities

For some men, living life to the fullest is the goal, so they spend their time playing, drinking, partying, dating, travelling and anything that won't string them. But once your boyfriend starts thinking of having his own family and having a baby with you, it means that he is now ready to settle down and to take on his responsibilities as a father and as a husband.


He feels the pressure

There is nothing wrong of not having your own family or your own kids. But our society forces you to grow up, become a real man, get married and then have children. The government also recognizes this as the usual path of life for its citizens, and that is why it gives so many benefits  and privileges for parents and children.


He simply loves you

This is another tip to help you understand and deal with your “my boyfriend wants a baby” dilemma. He genuinely loves you dearly. The greatest validation of your love for one another is your marriage and your baby will be the one to unite you two and your families together. In this world full of foes, if you are dating a man who is serious about building a family with you, you definitely have found a keeper.


He is influenced by social media

With our technology today, social media greatly affects our lives by making us believe that life is all about a bed of roses. Social media can make us believe that being a parent can be as fabulous as the way big time celebrity families live their lives or at least enjoy a merry life like that in Modern Family. It’s like imagining living the life of the Beckham family -- gorgeous with lots of money and fame. 

Those warm family stories told in TV series, adorable kids' pics posted on internet and fun in raising and educating children broadcasted by various TV programs can be exaggerating. So ensure that when your boyfriend asks to have a baby with you, he really knows what he's doing.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Ready for a Baby


He can afford to have a baby

Before having a baby, you need to consider your financial status. Having a baby is not as simple as giving birth to it and feeding it. It is expensive to have a baby because, aside from things mentioned above, you have to prepare for pregnancy, offer your baby regular check-ups, health insurance, education, marriage and the list goes on. Make sure you can give all of these before deciding to have a baby.


He says he wants to have kids with you

My boyfriend wants a baby! Is it serious? It is if he starts talking to you about kids, making up names for babies, or mentioning about having kids at home. 


He has plans

If your boyfriend tells you that he wants to invest in a house or a car before having a baby, then it means he is already planning to settle down and start a family. When he does this, let him do what he wants and give your unrequited support if you want a future with him.


He tells his parents they will become grandparents someday

It is not typical of a guy to tell his parents or your parents that they will soon become grandparents if he does not have any plans of having a baby. But if he does, you and your man are definitely on the same stage of your relationship.


He offers to babysit

Do you see him babysitting his nephews or nieces or practicing his babysitting skills? If he does, this means that your feeling of "my boyfriend wants a baby" is true. He is consciously or unconsciously thinking about having and taking care of a baby.


Other signs to bear in mind

  • He is imperfect and makes mistakes sometimes, but he tries his best to shoulder his responsibilities.

  • He notices babies and points them out to you whenever you are together. He likes seeing kids and dreams of having one.

  • He takes care of you when you are sick. For example, he patiently feeds you foods, helps you go to the bathroom, washes clothes and bed linens and what not. His actions reflect he is the material for a caring father.

  • He takes care of your pets like his own children.


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