Friends are like your extended families. They are the ones you turn to in times of happiness, sadness and when you need to make an important decision. A friend is someone who will stand up for you when you are weak, a hand to hold when you can carry on no more and a pair of eyes when you can’t see things clearly. Your friends are there to support you but there are times when they just won’t agree with you. For example, what if your friends think that your boyfriend doesn’t deserve someone as great as you? What should you do?

My Friends Hate My Boyfriend--What Should I Do?


Ask and listen to their opinions

Ask your friends what they really think about your boyfriend. Always stay calm and don’t get defensive or mad when they start telling you their opinions. Listen to them carefully and think about what they’ve said. Are the things they’ve said about your boyfriend true? Have you noticed these things too but just did not mind? Be open and honest during the dialogue. Remember that your friends are one of those people who love you the most.


Tell them your side

Not unless you are a teenager and need everyone’s approval before dating someone, it is still your decision to be with someone or not. But isn’t it better if your friends and boyfriend get along even just for a bit? If you are still facing the dilemma of “my friends hate my boyfriend”, why not tell your friends your side and the reasons of you still choosing to be with this person. Tell them the great things he does for you when they are not around. Explain to them how healthy your relationship is and how happy you are with him. By doing this, your friends can better understand your boyfriend.


Assess yourself

Sometimes, when you feel that everyone is ganging up on your boyfriend, you tend to defend him more. You stand up for him no matter what happens even if it is already wrong. You are doing this because you want to prove you are right. The best thing to do is to let go of your pride and be open-minded.


Fight out what is right for you

Only the two people who are in the relationship know what is really happening between them. Don’t let anyone dictate who you date because this is your personal happiness. If you have considered all the opinions of your friends but still think that you want to stay with this person, just do it. Follow your heart but don’t forget to bring your mind with you. Your friends love you and will not judge you for any wrong decision you’ve made.


Take it easy

Give everything its own time to take place. For example, don’t expect your friends to invite your boyfriend on a week-long outing if you know they can’t stand him. Don’t just go complaining “My friends hate my boyfriend”. Nothing in the world is perfect, so just take it easy. It will happen when it’s bound to happen. But never drift away from your friends for they love you sincerely. And, you can’t force anyone to jive with one another instantly. Luckily, you can plan separate vacations for the two of you and for enjoying time with your friends. Someday, you will be able to enjoy a vacation with your friends and boyfriend together.


Have “me-time”

This kind of drama will definitely stress you out. Don’t forget to set aside some time for yourself. Ignore your phone, go to the gym, go to your favorite restaurant alone...... Just do anything that makes you relaxed and happy. The situation will not change overnight, but at least you’ll have more energy to face it.


Politely ask them to respect your choice

If your friends dislike your boyfriend because of his fashion sense, job, table manners, skin and looks, but you still think that your boyfriend is the most responsible and kindest guy you’ve met, you can tell your friends to just keep their opinions to themselves. What they think about your boyfriend will not help your relationship grow stronger and healthier.

What Others Do When Coming Across This Situation


They follow their instinct

Girls are known for having the gift of intuition. Some girls who come across this kind of situation just follow their guts and take necessary precautions. Others think about how credible those around them are and choose who they want to listen to. This is because there are people who have really nothing good to say but gossip.


Some do what they want

Some complain “My friends hate my boyfriend”, but still do what they want. They become rebellious and even destroy themselves. They eventually end with regret.


Some quit the relationship

There are some girls who quit the relationships immediately if their friends dislike their boyfriends. This may be because peer pressure, but, more often than not, this may be because your friends will not let you get into trouble and try their best to let you realize the truth. If all or most of your friends don’t like someone, then they may have a really good reason for it.


They look at the big picture

For some girls, it depends upon the situation. If they see that their friends are right, they listen to them. For example, the boyfriend is abusive or is a gold digger, then it’s time to say goodbye. For some, if they know that their friends are naturally judgmental and not receptive to change, then they follow what they think is good for them. She doesn’t mind telling herself “My friends hate my boyfriend, but I will still stick with him” because she knows, deep inside, that the person she is dating is a good man and he is her happiness.


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