If you’re thinking, “My girlfriend is on her period, what can I do to make things better for her?” then you’ve come to the right place! Periods are noting to be scared, ashamed or embarrassed by – they are as natural as sneezing or peeing. So it is fantastic that as a boyfriend, you’re going all out to ensure that your girl feels her best during the worst period of the month for her.

Speaking of, here are certain things you can do (or avoid) to make things easier for her:

How to Help When Your Girlfriend Is on Period


Keep a hot water bottle prepared

Period camps can be quite a pain – literally. Cramps in the lower part of the body are pretty common, especially in the abdominal and lower back area. In order to alleviate the pain, encourage her to keep a hot water bottle on the affected areas.


Make sure she’s hydrated

Water, coconut water, lemonade or fruit juices – anything that is natural (not pre-packaged or processed) will be welcomed by her body. The more liquid she drinks, the more hydrated her body will be and the lesser her cramp pains will be.


Be patient

The first thing you need to understand is that she didn’t ask for any of this to happen – she was born a woman and it’s totally out of her control that her hormones go crazy during her periods. So if she acts unusually or overreacts in situations, just tell yourself that this is not her but her hormones talking. Keep your calm, stop worrying about “My girlfriend is on her period” and avoid getting into any arguments as well.


Give her a massage

Her body is already hating her at this point, so how about giving her body (and mind) some well deserved relaxation? Be it a dry massage or an oil massage, whatever you do, just make sure you do it gently enough. Avoid her problem areas, and for added benefit, play some calming music and light some scented candles.


Love her

Hug her, cuddle with her and make her feel loved. If she politely asks you to do something, do it. It’s not like she makes such demands from you every day, is it? She’s in pain and she needs you to be at your loving best with her during those days.


Be attentive

Sometimes, all girls want is for someone to hug them and tell them that it’s gonna be okay. Do that. Sometimes, if she looks like she’s having a bad day, ask her to share her frustrations with you. Such small gestures may or may not solve her problem, but it will definitely lift a burden off her shoulders and will make her feel much better than before!


Let her rest

Simply thinking “My girlfriend is on her period” will not do. If you’re worried for her sake, then translate that worry into words. Do as much work on her behalf as you can do, so that she can get some much needed physical and mental rest. Take the dog out for a walk, go ahead and make the payment on your pending bills or even postpone social gatherings – whatever it takes to make her feel more at ease.


Make her fav dishes

Or if you’re a terrible cook, then order her fav food and have takeaway as your dinner. She might also experience cravings, in which case it would be smart to prepare her fav dishes beforehand, so that you can produce them immediately in front of her whenever she demands them.


Turmeric milk

This is one recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation since ancient India, but is a new concept in the West. The truth is that the active ingredient in turmeric called curcumin is excellent to consume when experiencing period pains due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Bonus: Turmeric is also good for your skin, hair and overall health.


Watch her fav shows with her

And why not? It’ll help her relax and help you unwind from a busy day as well. Go ahead and even order pizza, or make some popcorn while you two have a fun movie marathon!


ASK her

A lot of men often make the mistake of assuming they know what is best for their girlfriend. Even with this article, we can only guess and give you estimations as to the answer to “What to do when my girlfriend is on my period?” If you truly want to know what she wants and how she wants to be pampered, simply ask her. After all, she’s the one who knows how she wants to be treated best, right?


Encourage her to get out of bed

Some women do not experience pain as much as they experience lethargy during their periods. If your girlfriend is among them, then push her to indulge in some physical activities. Could be getting the household chores done, jogging in the evening, or an impromptu DDR battle (if you have the equipment at home). The more exercise her body gets, the more endorphins her body releases. And these hormones will help her not only combat with any menstrual pain that she may be feeling, but they will also help improve her mood.


Don’t blame everything on her PMS

Dude, seriously? Women are allowed to get upset, just like men do, without having their emotions being blamed on their hormones. Don’t be a sexist piece of trash by assuming that all her negative emotions are a result of her periods. Maybe they’re a result of you being insensitive towards her needs. Did that thought ever occur to you?


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