If you’re in a brand new relationship, you might be confused as to what gift to offer your new boyfriend. Gifts that are either personal or too romantic may not be appropriate at this stage. But there are certain gifts which look casual yet drop hints to your boyfriend that he is special to you.

New Boyfriend Birthday Gift


Eco-friendly backpack

This is really useful when your boyfriend is a feisty traveler. Eco-friendly backpacks can hold everything that he needs. Besides, they can be used for a long time.


Leather-bound journal

If your guy has a rough note filled with musings, then this leather-bound journal is the perfect new boyfriend birthday gift for him where he can record his daily thoughts.


Sound system

Boys are addicted to headphones, especially during their daily boring commute. Choose a headphone that is lightweight, soft and perfect for listening to uninterrupted music. Be sure to choose a well-polished classy design.


"Follow your heart" pocket compass

This working compass is an ideal gift for the boyfriend who loves to travel. One side of the compass has the directions while the other side is engraved with a romantic "Follow your heart’."


Calvin Klein ETERNITY for Men Aqua Eau de Toilette

If your boyfriend loves perfumes, then this is the best gift for him. Manufactured by Calvin Klein, this scent consists of pepper, sandalwood, cucumber and green leaves and it is the best new boyfriend birthday gift.


UA Men’s Blitzing II Stretch Fit Cap

Caps have never gone out of fashion. This men’s cap is stretchable and easy to wear. There is a built-in sweatband which absorbs sweat and keeps sweat away from his eyes when he’s at the playground.


16-ounce Moscow Mule Copper Mug Gift Set

What about keeping your boyfriend’s cocktail, beer and vodka ice cold? These copper mugs can absorb the chill from the ice and help keep your drink cold. Copper straws are also provided.


Holiday Bling Sweatshirt

Rather than gifting your new boyfriend the ordinary polo t-shirts or formal shirts, you can opt for this sweatshirt. Remember, this shirt goes on sale only on Black Friday.


Leather boots

Now, this might seem stereotyped. But these leather boots provide a chic look which can go along with your formal wear. This pair of shoes is the best part of new boyfriend birthday gift.


City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg

This book is a perfect gift for the book-loving boyfriend. This book by Garth Risk Hallberg captures the essence of New Yorkers and their life in the 70s.


Rocks glasses

Does your boyfriend own a home bar? Then these rock glasses are ideal gifts for him. These pristine glasses spell elegance and would be perfect to treat himself to a drink.


Deluxe shaving set

Another best new boyfriend birthday gift. Pamper your boyfriend with this super cool shaving set which consists of a shaving brush, shave soap, pre-shave and post-shave lotions.


Playstation 4

Don’t you think playstations define manliness? Hence, your boyfriend would surely appreciate you and acknowledge your love if you gift him a playstation that has Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Now accounts in one place.


Jelly bean machine

Is your boyfriend the childish type who likes everything ranging from cartoons to jelly beans? Then this sweet and sugary gift might be the ideal one for him.


Amazon Echo

How exciting it would be if you can just use your voice to command items to be added to your shopping cart? Or just play music and read you news? Yes, your boyfriend also might have the same euphoria if you gift him this.


SodaStream Play Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

Another useful new boyfriend birthday gift that can come handy to your boyfriend when he feels thirsty or when he feels like gulping some soda. There are also SodaStream syrups to make your soda more tasteful.


Vans Mountain Edition Sneaker

A very practical gift to give to your boyfriend. These sneakers are equipped with a heat retention layer to keep his feet warm and are also treated with Scotchguard.


The Motley All-Stars Kit

How about pampering your boyfriend with skin care products? This entire set of products is sure to leave him with a glowing skin and perfect kissable lips.


The camera

This is the best new boyfriend birthday gift for your snappy boyfriend who loves to click pictures, add vintage tones to them and create old school images. The Lomography camera will satisfy all his photography needs.


Levi’s men’s 514 straight jean

This classic pair straight-jeans can look super cool on your boyfriend. This jeans is suitable for all kinds of heights and body types. In addition, you can opt for stretchable jeans too.


Frostbeard Studio Book--Lovers' Soy Candle

Another elegant gift for your bibliophile boyfriend. Being a book lover, he’d surely love the smell of old books and this candle can emanate that fragrance.


D-Fantix Paracord Survival Bracelet

If your boyfriend is a lover of survival shows and would love to take part in them, then this gift would be an awesome choice. This paracord can unwind itself during emergency situations.


Hotel Style Geometric Black Reversible Bedding Duvet Cover Set Full/Queen

Are your boyfriend’s bedsheets the same bland ones? Well, you can gift this amazing geometric reversible bedding duvet which can provide a hotel style feel.


Scrabble word game

Instead of opting for playstations or video games, you can gift your boyfriend this fun game which can keep him engaged for hours. Another perfect new boyfriend birthday gift.


Fossil Aiden messenger bag

If your guy needs a classic bag for his college or work, then this messenger bag can serve its purpose. There are many storage options in this leather bag.

Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Your New Boyfriend a Gift

Since the relationship is new, you don't need gifts that are too personal. The gift should indicate “I-love-you-but-we-have-to-get-to-know-each-other-better”. Here are a few dos and don’ts while choosing a gift for your new boyfriend.


  • Get him a subscription to Netflix.

  • Take him out to dinner or cook something for him.

  • Gift him something edible like homemade cookies.

  • Make him a Spotify playlist or gift him an iTunes gift card.

  • Plan something that you can do together – tickets for a play or a contest.

  • If he has discussed about his areas of interest, get him something according to that.



  • Buy him a flat screen TV.

  • Host a 9-course meal in a 5-star hotel.

  • Don’t go too overboard with gifting everything that is edible.

  • Plan for something in advance that is weeks and weeks away.

  • Get him a monthly subscription to a beer club if you haven’t seen him drink beer.

  • Make a playlist of mushy love songs or take him to a concert that he doesn’t even like.


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