When you are in a relationship with someone, it can take a turn any time. Generally, a relationship can take one of four possible paths. You may live together, forever; you may break up permanently; you may break up but stay connected in some way; and you break up, make up again, and then break up again. The last option that involves repeated ending and renewing of a relationship is also called on and off relationships or relationship cycling. It is usually quite damaging not only for the relationship but for both members as well. Let's discuss more about on/off relationships.

An On and Off Relationship Can Lead to Happy Ending

It is true that on and off relationships have quite a bad reputation, but things are not always bad when you are in one such relationship. There are some positives too.

You Do Not Have to Start at the Beginning

If you walk out of a relationship, you will have to start it all over again with someone else. You save yourself from all this hassle by starting it again with the same person. It makes you feel that you are having a new beginning but without the awkwardness because you already know the person.


You Know Each Other

Getting back into a relationship with your ex means you are with someone whom you have seen at their best and worst. You may already know what to expect in certain situations, and using your knowledge, you can make things better when you two are together again. Things will become better if both of you are willing to take each other back after experiencing a breakup.


You Will Be More Realistic

You have already seen how practicalities can derail a relationship, so you are less likely to underestimate them the second time around. You will be more realistic and willing to make an effort to be on the same page with your partner. When you set realistic expectations, the chances of making your relationship work are always high.


You Two Just Look at Each Other

When things do not go right and you are not in a relationship, it is quite easy to look the other way and start dating someone else. On and off relationships are better in the sense that both of you know none of you thought about seeing someone else. You are back together and may still love each other more.


You Hone Your Conversational Skills

It is never easy to have tough conversations, but you become used to it when you are in an on and off relationship. There will be tough situations when you two will decide to end your relationship and how you tackle that situation will teach you how to approach things in a better way next time around. When you start a relationship again, you will be in a better position to deal with your worries without brushing difficulty decisions under the rug.


You May Feel More Committed

When you get back in a relationship with your ex, you two already know there is a history between you and it is important to be more committed to avoid getting in the same situations. This will push you to make some serious steps and understand the importance of fulfilling commitments. Over time, this will increase security and help diminish doubts.


You Know Love Is Still There

It is completely your decision to get back into a relationship with your ex, and if you do it, you know there is an emotional connection or affection between you two. Knowing this will help you put in more effort to make your relationship work.



Couples who have an on/off relationship while dating are more likely to stick to the same pattern during cohabitation. They may experience the cycling less frequently though because marriage adds some additional constraints that make it difficult to break up. However, married couples who have already cycled their relationship a few times are often more uncertain about the future of their relationship and feel less satisfied with their lives.

Know When to End an On and Off Relationship

While on and off relationships have certain positives, you also need to understand exactly when to end such a relationship.

Cheating Dies Hard

You may not want to be in a relationship with someone who is cheater and is already disrespectful. Do not ignore warning signs but be sure to look for more evidence before you decide to end your relationship.


Do Not Try to Train Them

You may want to forgive your man and want to start your relationship again, but you have to understand that doing this again and again is not going to change anything. You just cannot train men to be responsible in a relationship. So, know when it is going too far and when you should look the other way.


Do Not Always Forgive the Same Mistake

If he cheats on you and promises he will not do it again and then you catch him doing the same thing again, you may have to make the hard decision of ending your relationship. If your man changes for a month or so and then starts behaving like before, you may think against of giving it another chance.


Do Not Wait Too Long for Him to Change

It is okay to forgive him when he makes a mistake, but you need to understand when it is happening too often. You can wait for things to change but ensure that you do not end up waiting too long. This may push you to lower your standards and become accustomed to how he treats you.


Do Not Take Steps Out of Fear

You should ensure that you are not continuing a relationship just because you fear him or fear the life without him. You have to get past your fears and then decide if your relationship is really worth salvaging.

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