The partner of a pregnant woman is just as pregnant as her. Even though the center of attention is the expecting mother, the father-to-be can perform a great number of things that can support the mother during the pregnancy and make preparations for the challenges of parenthood that he is going to have to face soon. The following is a look at pregnancy for men and what the dads-to-be must do during this whole process.

Things Guys Need to Know About Pregnancy: Prepare Yourself


Some Changes Are Normal

Noticing that you have gained weight just like your pregnant partner, feeling queasy or nauseas at specific times during the day and experiencing appetite changes are indications that you have Couvade Syndrome, a condition that the partner of an expecting mother starts experiencing the same symptoms as her which is known as sympathetic pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms that the male partner usually experiences include morning nausea, weight gain, disturbed sleeping patterns and altered hormone levels. In extreme situations, the partner might also start experiencing nosebleeds, labor pains and postpartum depression. If you have felt any of these symptoms, there is no need to get panicked. You are absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong with you. However, being a psychosomatic disorder, there is no cure for it except birth of your baby.


Start Reading Pregnancy Books

A good tip regarding pregnancy for men is to read books on pregnancy. The pregnancy books can help you a great deal in knowing what your pregnant partner is going through. It can also provide you with knowledge you need for empathizing with her and helping her out, as well as what to prepare for the baby's coming.


Sex During Pregnancy

For normal pregnancies, sex is both a normal and natural aspect of pregnancy. The intercourse does not have any harming effect on the baby as he is protected by the muscular walls of the uterus and the abdomen of the expecting mother. Moreover, the amniotic sac’s fluid also cushions the baby so you have nothing to worry about. Even though labor contractions and orgasm contractions are different from one another, some doctors advise couples to avoid sex in the final stages of the pregnancy as they believe that prostaglandins, hormones present in semen can stimulate contractions.


Home Preparations

Your home is going to require a great deal of preparations to welcome the new member to the family. From crib, nursing rocker, swing, changing table, car seat, bassinet and stroller to baby gadgets and toys, you will have to buy a number of things which you might not have even known about. Decorate the nursery as soon as possible. Bumper patterns and crib sheets are must discussed items between you and your partner, and it is a good idea to know everything about this topic.

Things Guys Need to Know About Pregnancy: Take Care of Your Partner


Attend Doctor's Appointments Together

Make sure that she does not go alone to the doctor appointments. You will be able to know exactly how her pregnancy is progressing and be able to remember what the doctor has advised your partner about as she has to remember too much things. Moreover, you might also get to have a first look at your baby too.


Try to Calm Her Down

One of the things guys need to know about pregnancy is that since it is extremely challenging for a woman, she can get stressed pretty quickly. Therefore, it is best to try and calm her down and do not trouble her with an extra work. Taking on the responsibility of doing the bulk of the chores can be a great help for her.


Make Sure She Takes Enough Sleep

Among the things to know about pregnancy for guys, the most important one is that rest is crucial for a pregnant woman. Therefore, take it upon yourself to ensure that she takes plenty of rest. Cuddling, buying a full body pillow and herbal teas for relaxation are among some of the things you can do to get her to sleep.


Always Be Patient

When it comes to dealing with pregnancy for men, it is important that they give space to their partner and be patient with her. The raging hormones will make her irritable and moody which might freak you out, but you must try to remain patient with her and understand that what she is going through is all down to the hormones


Dealing with the Frequent Bathroom Visits

Pregnant women need to pee every half hour. It can become quite irritating for you, especially if the bathroom visits are required during the night or while you are driving. However, it is important to deal with the situation admirably and understand her situation. Don’t show your annoyance or never grumble when she wants to go to the bathroom.


Let Her Know She Is Beautiful and You Love her

Your partner may experience some bad things in the process. For instance, the shape and size of them totally changes during pregnancy which might be annoying for men. However, you must not show her that and keep on reminding her that she is still the most beautiful girl you have ever seen and that you love her very much.


Help her Managing Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is among the most difficult aspects of pregnancy for a woman. She feels nauseas and sick on most mornings and would have a splitting headache too. Giving her remedies for the morning sickness can go a long way in helping her managing the condition. Remedies you can try include ginger ale, crackers, vitamin B6 supplements and peppermint tea.


Feed her Constantly

Food is extremely important to a pregnant woman, but what men don’t realize is that the timing of the eating is important. So, if your partner tells you that she’s hungry and then she definitely is hungry. Have her favorite foods on hand at home so that you can give it to her if she gets hungry in the middle of the night.

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