Committing to someone with the hopes of spending your life together with them is quite the life changing decision. And when it comes to such decisions, mistakes aren’t an option. And while it’s great to find someone you’re in love with and you love spending your time with, does it necessarily mean they’re the right person for you? Do you truly believe love is more than enough to make you spend your life with your partner? What about common goals, aspirations, future plans and emotional compatibility? If you do think such qualities of a good life partner are as important as love, then read on.

12 Qualities That a Good Life Partner Must Have


They have no qualms making compromises

Do not confuse this quality with that of being a doormat (where they do whatever you ask them to do). A good life partner is someone who is willing to make changes in their lifestyle to adjust your quirks, likes or dislikes. A stubborn mate isn’t exactly the best partner to work with, until and unless you have infinite patience, or simply don’t care what your partner does (in which case, why are you even with them?).


Talks are how they resolve conflicts

People who get hurt and angry quickly and aren’t willing to talk things over can be found a dime a dozen. But you know you’ve found a true gem of a person when they are not only willing to listen to your relationship problems, but to work on them as well. And going back to the first point, they’re willing to make compromises in order to work things out. And of course sometimes, it’s you who has to compromise.


They accept their flaws

One of the most coveted qualities of a good life partner is their capacity to accept that they’re not perfect. It’s truly rare to find someone who is not only willing to accept constructive criticism, but is willing to work on those flaws as well. I mean, if you’re going to spend your life with someone who is in denial about their short comings, is unwilling to improve as a person and finds it below their ego to apologize, you’re going to have a very short lived relationship.


They respect your belief system

You’re religious, and they’re not.

You’re superstitious, and they’re not.

You’re Republican, and they’re not.

Whatever the case may be, not only do they not interfere with your personal beliefs, they also do not dictate how you should or shouldn’t feel about topics close to your hearts. They also never mock your values and do their best to avoid arguments on topics you both have opposing views on.


They’ve helped you improve

It can be emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually…the growth of a human being occurs in many spheres. And if even in one sphere they’ve managed to inspire you to become a better version of yourself, they’ve displayed fantastic qualities of a good life partner.


They appreciate you and the work that you do

This is very important. When relationships get older, the people involved in it tend to take things for granted. A LOT. Appreciation is always good, especially when it’s done for little things, like making the coffee perfect in the morning or gifting them the exact toolbox they were looking for. Getting complemented for your appearances, despite having seen you in the same dozens of times, is also a great sign that shows they care.


They’re loyal

This one goes without saying, but loyalty is one of the most important aspects of any solid, long term committed relationship. Forgiveness is often preached, but this is one area where you’d rather hold your stand. Because remember – if they’ve cheated once, they’re bound to cheat again.


They love you for who you are

But that doesn’t stop them from sowing you your flaws, and encouraging you to become a better you. Of course, this is not done by constantly criticizing you, but by love and encouragement. And if you fail? No matter. They tell you to rub the dust off and try harder!


You share the same goals

Be it for the next 5 years, the next 10 or the next 50 – but you two know exactly what you want and it’s the same journey for the both of you. I mean, what’s the point in being with someone who doesn’t want to be a mother, when all you want to be is a dad to two lovely young children? Having the same life goals as you is one of the most important qualities of a good life partner.


Night ins are totally okay

I mean, sure, it’s great to go out on date nights or midday adventures, but at the end of the day, your partner should be equally comfortable spending time with you at home. Bring out the PJs, the microwave popcorn and your fav Netflix shows – and that’s when you’re realizing that some of the best memories you two spent were at home, in the company of each other.


You aren’t all that they have

Emotionally speaking, of course. They like spending time with their friends, family or even colleagues, and that’s totally okay, because you do the same. It doesn’t mean you love each other any less – it simply means that you two don’t lead an immature life where you’re the sole reason for the existence of each other. Because that also happens to be very unhealthy.


They give you the most important gift in a relationship

Their time.

Until and unless you’re a gold digger who’s very happy with their money, you need your partner to spend quality time with you. Which becomes all the more meaningful when you see how busy they are, yet they take out time from their schedule just to be with you.


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