People get married for different reasons, and every woman is looking for that one “perfect” man to spend the rest of their lives with. For those who really want to settle down with that special someone, there are a few qualities you need to consider. But there are so many qualities men have; which should you focus on?

8 Qualities of a Good Man to Marry

It is important to note that there is no perfect man, so do not look for perfection when you too have flaws. But, of course, certain qualities make men irresistible and here are the top qualities that a good man should have.


Marriage is for life and if you are intending to bring forth children with your partner, someone dependable will form good structure for your kids’ upbringing. Other than being madly in love with the man you intend to marry, think about the impact he will have on your future kids and whether or not he can be a role model to them. A dependable man is one who always follows through on a promise and will always keep his word, big or small.



Trust is a basic requirement in any solid relationship and it is one of the best qualities of a good man to marry. A trustworthy man is someone you know you can trust even when the whole world turns against you. He will also respect you and will never place himself in a compromising situation that will make you doubt him. Trust, however, goes both ways, so it is important to be with a man you can trust and who also trusts you.



A decisive man is one who can make quick decisions without being influenced by any external factors. External factors in this case include family, friends, emotional well-being, physical conditions, etc. Such a man displays quick thinking and great maturity, a factor that is required when looking for qualities in a good man to marry. In contrast, a man who is not decisive will be swayed by all kinds of factors, big or small, and will not help you grow as a couple.



A husband who will accept you with all your flaws is one who is understanding and considerate. Of course, he will definitely expect you to be the same way with him. Freedom to wear what you want, do the job you love, hang out with male and female friends, etc. The list is long! And if he’s totally cool with it, know he is the perfect man to marry and all these qualities make him attractive even when he has several other shortcomings.


Willing to Sacrifice

A good man is one who is willing to make sacrifices for your sake and the sake of your relationship. He will not remind you about it every single time in the near future whenever you two are having an argument. Someone who will make a compromise and not be bitter about it is good husband material. A good man will also not expect you to make sacrifices for him just because he has made one for you. Remember – it’s not an exchange of offer.


Apology for wrong doings

All couples have their own battles to fight and different ways of sorting their issues out. A man who admits to his shortcomings after an argument shows that he is focused on the bigger picture and is ready to move beyond minor issues, most of which arise due to ego. Admitting to being wrong is a sign of maturity. But keep in mind that this only works well when both of you can admit to your shortcomings. If you think you can behave like a child all the time, you’re in for a rude shock.



Do not think a man who is not faithful to you when you are dating will be faithful to you when you finally tie the knot. A leopard never changes its spots. Know that there is nothing as draining and straining than the stress that comes with a cheating spouse or partner. Although there are some women who have the spine to stay in a marriage where the man strays, they would constantly be in a world of pain. A faithful man will always respect you and your union, and will always be faithful to you, come what may. This is one of the top qualities of a good man to marry.



Dynamics have greatly changed from what the traditional roles of men and women used to be. Today, a lot of women have become breadwinners in their family, are strong, confident and do not hesitate to speak their minds out especially about gender equality. But this is always perceived as a threat by most men. There are a LOT of men who cannot date women who make more money than them, are smarter than them, are more outspoken than them, etc.

But then there are men who appreciate a woman’s intelligence as well as her ability to work hard to provide for the family. A good man will not feel threatened by a woman’s success and be willing to take a backseat in letting her become the one who wears the pants in the family, so to speak. He will be supportive and help out in the house whenever the wife is held up at work.


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