As relationships progress from the exciting, new beginning, they often become a bit boring. New relationships have the power to make even the saddest person filled with glee and butterflies. So why do relationships get boring? Love is critical to keep a lasting relationship strong, but that doesn’t always mean it helps make things fun. There are many steps to help you get out of your relationship funk and freshen things up again. Try these ideas to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

Relationship Getting Boring: How to Reverse It


Set Goals

By sitting down and making goals together you can reinvigorate your ambition and relationship at the same time. Look at your future together and assess some new projects or goals. Take advice from your partner and suggestions for new goals. Try to set up a plan to accomplish it together and frame your life around healthy habits.


Have Date Night

Look at your schedule and plan a night that is dedicated to just the two of you. Put everything else on hold and plan a date or outing that will help you refocus on your love for each other. Treat each other like you are dating again, and make sure it is something different than your normal routine. By making this a regular event, it will give you something to look forward to which is just about you and your lover.


Visit a New Place

A lot of times the reason for a relationship getting boring is because you keep doing the same thing over and over. Try to go somewhere new, a new restaurant, a new beach or a new mall, something to open up to new experiences. This will easily lead to new conversations and topics to help keep your relationship interesting. When you experience something new together for the first time, you will have equal footing and that is a great way to build on your love.


Flirt and Be Playful

Channel your inner child together, and start to play and laugh as much as you can. Embrace silliness by doing things that are flirty and fun. Try to kiss more and slip your arms around each other. Touch each other more and let your imagination wander as you show the fun side of your love. By being more affectionate, it will validate your love and the original romance you first felt.


Give Random Gifts

Remember that scarf they pointed out last week at the mall or something they mentioned they have been wanting, well surprise your partner with a gift just because that's what your partner wants. It could be concert tickets or just a little something you made, whatever it is make it feel spontaneous. It is easy to forget that little gestures like this keep things interesting and will help the romance last. Make a little bit more effort than normal and it will go a long way for your partner.


Plan a Trip

Traveling together is a wonderful way to build new experiences and reignite your love and romance if you find your relationship getting boring. Whether it is a two-week vacation to a tropical island or a local weekend trip to a new place near your home, treat it like a mini honeymoon. Fill the trip with romantic activities and new bonding experiences. Take time away from the normal home routine to treat each other to a trip.


Spice Up Your Sex Life

In long-term relationships, sex often falls to the back burner with children, work, and other responsibilities that take up our energy. Well, it’s time to loosen things up and reignite your sex life. Change up your normal, vanilla sex with lubes, lingerie and maybe even costumes. Discuss ways you both can accept to spice things up and then go for it. Even if it takes a few glasses of wine, let your inhibitions out the window and enjoy each other in the bedroom more than usual.


Forgive Each Other

If you are in a point in your relationship where things are less romantic, it could be because you are constantly upset or annoyed by something your partner is doing. Well, we are human and we make mistakes, so remember your love and try to forgive each other more often. A relationship is always growing, and if you don’t forgive, then you cannot move on to build a better connection.


Take Time Apart

Provide a chance to miss one another by spending some time apart. When you notice your relationship getting boring, it may be because you are spending too much time together. By doing your own thing and your partner doing their own thing, it will allow you to come back to one another refreshed and with new things to discuss. This will help to keep things exciting.


Walk Down the Memory Lane

Find old photos or videos to sit together and revisit the past. This will give you a chance to discuss wonderful memories and exchange fun stories. It will also remind you both of how your story and journey together all started. You will laugh and maybe even cry while you reminisce memories from earlier times. Trying this will certainly help to remind you of the fire and fun times you have shared so you can look ahead to make new ones.


Do Those Little Things

Try to be more aware of the little things that make your partner smile. Kissing each other goodnight or random hugs or just saying “I love you” randomly -- these signs of affection and little gestures go a long way. If you are looking to spice up your boring relationship, try to be grateful for all the little things your partner does and tell them what it means to you.


Host a Party

If you find your relationship getting boring, then there is no better way to turn boredom around with a party. Invite your friends over and maybe even some new friends, play games, and enjoy different food, drinks, or activities with a larger social group. This will enrich your relationship and give you something to discuss and look forward to together. Without being attached to one another, you will share a fun experience right at home.


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