After a long day at work, school, or just being out and about, there is nothing quite like coming home and kicking back in your own space. Your house is a place to detox from the stress of the outside world and charge up your social battery for your next venture. Perhaps one of the best aspects of having your own space is your ability to decorate and rearrange things to suit exactly the type of energy you need in your current life. 

Let’s look at some of the best hacks and secrets that interior designers use to curate their perfect homes with some help from the home goods retailing wonder, Wayfair!

How to Create a Focal Point

When changing up a room, one of the easiest approaches is to create a new focal point. This can be something like a sofa, table, or even a smaller accent piece with a unique design element. This method technically just changes one or two elements in a room but brings an entirely new life to the area, making it appear as though you decided on much grander renovations. Featured products can give you inspiration!

The Darren Tufted Loveseat, 76% Off, Get Yours Now!

From Langley Street, this loveseat offers a ton of versatility. Its simplistic, classic design creates an excellent space for bold accent pillows or colorful throw blankets and makes it easy to find complementary design elements to accompany the room. This style is available in an array of soft colors, including beige, charcoal, gray, wheat (taupe), burgundy, and a stunning violet, meaning it can play well as a neutral sofa or as a flash of color in an otherwise nude-toned or monochromatic room.

The Single Globe Pendant, Get It and Make a Little Pub Area!

From Wrought Studio, this globe piece is a fantastic ceiling light option that is modest enough to play well with a variety of design themes while offering a visually interesting ambiance boost. This style comes in two finishes, rubbed bronze and antiqued silver. It is compatible with most lightbulb varieties, including filament bulbs and other specialty options that could create a more vintage feel when paired with the design. The brand also has a similar geometric variation on this pendant light, which is great for more modern or minimalist spaces, as well!

The Eastbourne 6, Indoor Refresh Sale Up to 65% Off, Grab It Now!

If you want something a little less subtle, this incredible chandelier from Cecille is a beautiful piece that is absolutely breathtaking. The piece holds six bulbs, which are encased in swirling, overlapping pieces of metal to create a sort of “controlled chaos” look. This light almost has a sort of magical air to it, making it perfect for spaces that are a bit more whimsical or for serious areas that need a little drama.

The Cecille Groove, 43% Off, You Can't Miss It!

With its mid-century appeal, this dresser from Hashtag Home is a great option for both functional purposes and design. Its angular surface area and bold drawer pull-less design are interesting and a step away from the typical styles you see in mass marketing. This piece is available in three colors; Caramel, Walnut, and White. The first two come with a natural wood finish and the white is more paint-like and uniform. This piece is great for a host of different tastes, ranging from vintage to more modernist takes.

Muirhead Floral, Many Quality Outdoor Rugs Are On Sale!!

A striking, bold pop of color, this rug feesigns, making it versatile and suitable for different spaces across the taste spectrum. Aside from the green, orange, and red scheme pictured above, there are also three other color options: blue/gray, gray/beige, and green/blue, making the design even matures a sort of minimalist floral pattern that is both modern and reminiscent of classic dore easily styled in different settings. It is also offered in several different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, so you can easily find a piece to fit your space perfectly.

Services and Saves

Additionally, the Wayfair staff are fantastic and will help you to make decisions regarding your designs and can offer advice on how to style accent pieces with other elements so do not hesitate to reach out for assistance!

Changing up your space is easy with Wayfair. You can easily swap out old pieces for new accents and save money while doing it! If you are looking to begin changing up your home, Wayfair is the place to go!


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