You can use picnic ideas to make romantic rendezvous for you and your partner. From planned to surprise picnics, you can make one of your summer outings to be an awesome adventure for the two of you. Here are some romantic picnic ideas that will give your relationship a fresh boost. You can pick from daring and naughty, to thoughtful and sweet picnic ideas for couples.

Romantic Picnic Ideas—Things to Prepare

  • Get an old school picnic basket. Yes, it has to be an old-fashioned basket so that you make it as romantic as possible. As for the plates, do not use paper plates. Instead, use real cutlery.

  • Get champagne glasses. This might need you to be extra careful while carrying them so that you do not break them, but it will be worth it as it will make the picnic more romantic. While you are at it, do not forget to carry a bottle of champagne.

  • Prepare a romantic menu. Strawberries should never miss in a romantic picnic. In addition, carry some meat and veggies, pickles, sauces, sandwiches, fruits as well as gourmet goodies like truffles and caviar.

  • Buy the best quality dark chocolate you can get.

  • Get something luxurious and comfortable to lie on. Make sure it is not itchy or something that just about anyone owns.

  • Dress up for the picnic. Take it back to old school - wear a long flowing dress with bots and a sunhat. Alternatively, just wear the best clothes you have for a picnic and tell your partner to do the same.

  • Do not forget to bring some romantic music.

  • Plan out an activity. For example, you can play a game like bocce.

  • Now you are ready to go.

  • Surprises are charming. You can carry candles or flowers to decorate the table or the picnic blanket. If you know your better half’s favorite dessert you can sneak it in the picnic basket.

Romantic Picnic Ideas—Places to Go

For a romantic picnic idea to work, you need to put a lot of thought into the location. While you are at it, consider what you both like - do you like private or public places? Look for unique places within your locality. You can identify parks, gardens, spectacular rooftop settings, beaches or even national parks. If it is possible, get a spot that you can make your special place.

Other places you can visit include:

  • An open meadow

  • Wooded areas

  • On the hillside where you have a view of the valley

  • Along a water sceneries, for example rivers, lakes or waterfalls

  • On a boat

  • A drive in the sunset

Romantic Picnic Ideas—Foods to Take

Besides the foods already mentioned, some foods that you can carry for a romantic picnic include:

  • Muffuletta: these are New Orleans sandwiches that are awesome for a romantic picnic. Make sure you cut them into small sizes before you leave the house.

  • Small fruits: get fruits that are bite sized like cherries, grapes, diced pineapples and strawberries.

  • Sushi: they are easy to eat and portable as well

  • Risotto balls: you will agree that there is just something sexy about risotto. However, it might be difficult to carry it to a picnic. Instead, you can shape it into small portable balls.

  • Stuffed dates: you can stuff them with almond nuts, then coat them with sugar.

Others include:

  • Figs

  • Avocados

  • Bananas

  • Fennel

  • Asparagus

  • Popcorn

  • Oysters or shrimps

Some Sample Romantic Picnic Ideas


Indoor Picnic Ideas

For indoor picnic ideas, you can have the kids taken away for the weekend (if you have any). Set up the fire place and place a blanket on the floor. Prepare food for the picnic and have him pick out a bottle of wine. You can make antipasto platter along with cured meat-like rolled salami, huge pepperonis and prosciutto. You can serve with cheese and chunks of Italian bread. Have a bowl of olives on the table with a few shrimp around the bowl and cocktail sauce nearby.


Fishing Picnic

Fishing might not be your favorite sport, but you can try spending quality time with your hubby on the boat as he fishes. Carry with you cold chicken and potato salad in a cooler. Make sure to pack them when they are cold. This will ensure that the food does not get spoiled during the picnic. You can also carry fruits like oranges and snacks. Water or soda will come in handy as you won’t get dehydrated.


Midnight Picnic

Nothing beats a midnight picnic when it comes to romantic picnic ideas for couples. This is a good picnic idea for couples who want to ignite the magic in their relationship. Prepare dinner and pack it in plastic containers and set out to gaze at the stars. Carry with you a mixture of fruits like watermelon balls, cantaloupe and honeydew in a separate container.


Italian Picnic

Instead of going to Italian street cafes, you can recreate that scenery in your own compound. Prepare Italian foods like lasagna, spaghetti or fettuccini. If you are not able to prepare, you can buy Italian desserts like tiramisu, zabaglione and cannolis.

Fill a glass with breadsticks and set all this up on a red-checked cloth under a shady tree.

Games to Play

  • Fly kites

  • Play cards

  • Frisbee

  • Catch using a football

  • Do a crossword

  • Spot cloud shapes

  • Washrooms: Anytime you pick out a location, find out if you can get clean washrooms. Without any nearby, you might end up having the worst picnic ever.
  • Go all Out: If you can bring along stuff to decorate your table or blanket, do not leave it behind. Carry candles and a flower vase in case you end up picking flowers in the surrounding. Get a nice sunny spot that is secluded from other people.

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