Let's face it: everybody loves sex! It makes you feel confident and connected to your spouse in a way you'll never be with someone else. After all, the fact that he/she knows you deep down to your core makes lovemaking even more intimate than it already is! Unfortunately, when you get married and kids come along, you might find it difficult to jump each other's bones whenever you feel like it. But we have some good news! Your sex lives don't have to suffer now that obligations are involved! And if you are in a desperate need of spicing up your marriage, our sex tips for couples could really come in handy.

Sex Tips for Lovers and Couples


Try Out Positions That You Haven't Tried Yet

Just because you’ve been together for a while doesn't mean that you’ve tried everything! There are plenty of interesting positions waiting for you to test them out, and I can guarantee you will enjoy doing it! 


Ditch the Underwear on a Date Night

While waiting for your dinner to come, subtly let him know that you ''forgot'' to put your panties on and watch as he gets turned on! You should also pair this up with a tight, short dress; he will go crazy knowing how easy he could put his hands up in there!


Make It All About Sex Sometimes

It's totally fine to treat him like a sex object from time to time! It will bring the passion back to the surface and make things hot quite quickly! After all, isn't it just super fun to rip each other's clothes off and involve a little roleplay?


Stop Neglecting Oral

A man cannot get tired of oral, and loves it when a woman pleasures him this way. So instead of grimacing whenever he asks you for oral, give him one when he least expects it! Even if you don't like doing it, seeing the pleasure on his face will make you feel better.
PS: This applies to you too, gents!


Dress Sexier for Bed

One of the best sex tips for couples suggests you trade your super comfy pajamas for some sexy lingerie. It will put you both in the mood in no time, and you might be surprised to find out that you are as ready for action as your darling is.


Make Morning Sex Your Weekly Routine

Scientists have proven that morning is the best time for sex. Not only does it make your day start in the best way possible, orgasm also makes your body release endorphins, known as happy hormones. If you want to radiate joy all day long, here's how you accomplish it!


Don't Forget to Surprise Him/Her

So your partner is getting home from work in a few hours? Great! You can welcome him/her home naked, or wear that underwear he/she bought you a few weeks ago. People love this kind of surprises, and no matter how tired he/she is, he/she will be all over you in a blink of an eye!


Keep the Flirting Game Going

You think now that you are happily married, there is no need for flirting? Wrong! As much as it helps you get together, flirting is also there to remind your spouse that you are still crazy about him, so throw him a wink or two every once in a while!


Talk About Your Fantasies

When you have been together for a long time, there isn't anything you can't talk about, including your sexual fantasies. They might sound impossible in your head, but once you share them, your partner will go above and beyond to fulfill them and prove you wrong. Believe me!


Get It On in Public

Having regular, bedroom sex tends to become boring after some time, so why not go out of your comfort zone and try something exciting like public sex? You'd be surprised how many great spots there are where you can do it, and the possibility of getting caught will just make things hotter!


Make Out Whenever You Can

You don't have to treat making out as something that has to be followed by intercourse. There is beauty in kissing alone, and the good news is that you don’t need a particular reason to start doing it. Just do it whenever there is time! This is one of the great sex tips for couples.


Watch Porn Together

Contrary to the popular belief, gals love porn as much as guys. So instead of watching some adult content alone, try watching it with your partner. Sure, you might not like the same things, but you will find something that turns you both on. There is no harm in trying!


Tease One Another

Do you even know how quickly teasing can spice things up? Whether you start biting your lips in a sexy way or start touching him around his crotch, he won't be able to resist the urge to push you against the wall and drive you nuts!


Talk to Each Other About What Feels Good and What Doesn't

Great sex is all about communication, so if you don't tell him/her what you like, how could he/she know it? The key is to praise your partner whenever he/she's doing a good job, and when he/she isn't...well you know your body best so help him/her improve!


Devote Some Time to Foreplay

Everyone knows that foreplay is super important! Its purpose is to turn you on and get you closer to the big O, meaning it should be prolonged as much as possible! Of course, sometimes there is just no time for it, but when there is, it makes for a perfect sex affair!


Take Him/Her to Do Lingerie Shopping

There is no better way to bring up some naughty thoughts in him/her than to take him/her to do lingerie shopping. You could let him/her choose some sexy underwear for you to try out and make him/her watch you while you're in it! Even if you end up not purchasing a thing, you'll have plenty of fun!


Experiment With Sex Toys

Sex toys are not only for loners looking for a way to satisfy their needs. In fact, they are a great way to bring more pleasure to your lives! Having said that, the next time you think it's silly to use them during intercourse, remember these sex tips for couples and go for it!


Film Yourselves While Having Sex

Making a sex tape will definitely do wonders for your marriage, and it's simple! You just gotta angle your camera the right way, and do what you usually do. It will make you enjoy yourselves more, plus the next time you feel like watching porn, you can watch your own!


Make Some Noise

Loud sex is a sign of enjoyment, so why not let your partner know how much you love getting it on with him/her by moaning as loud as possible! Both men and women find this super attractive, trust me!


Take a Bath Together

Treat yourselves to a nice, romantic bath together after a long day. When you feel like you’ve relaxed for a bit, get out of it, dry one another off, and if you cannot wait to get to the bedroom, start the action right there in the bathroom!


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