Sex is passionate, personal, romantic, and sometimes downright a nasty and dirty deed. Games in the bedroom can be a great way to spice things up and create some lasting sexual memories of you and you partner. Asking sexual truth or dare question is a fun and challenging way to bring out the best in your partner in the bedroom as well as get to know their deepest, most interesting sexual fantasies. The truth or dare questions listed here could be a great starting point to a nice, fun and exciting night with your partner.

Top 20 Hot Sexual Truth Questions

Here are the 20 hot sexual truth questions of top 20 sexual truth or dare questions. Pick your favorite.
  1. Have you ever had an erection at work/school?

  2. Do you ever fantasize about me while at the offices?

  3. Has BDSM ever crossed you mind?

  4. Would you be opposed to threesomes?

  5. Are you into toys or straps during sex?

  6. Have you ever had a one night stand?

  7. Do you have same sex fantasies?

  8. Would you ever walk around wearing men/women's underwear?

  9. If you have had sex in a public place, where?

  10. Have you ever made love to a man/woman?

  11. What is your most embarrassing sexual experience?

  12. Have you ever slept with a friend's mom or sister and they did not know?

  13. Have you ever cried during/after sex?

  14. What sex toy would you want to receive as a gift and how would you use it?

  15. Have you ever had an orgasm without being touched?

  16. What is your best sexual memory?

  17. Who is the oldest person you've had sex with?

  18. Who is the youngest person you've had sex with?

  19. What is the shortest time it has taken you to orgasm?

  20. Have you fallen asleep during sex?

Top 20 Hot Sexual Dares

Here are the 20 hot sexual dares of top 20 sexual truth or dare questions. Pick your favorite.
  1. Give oral sex for 10, but it cannot go any longer than that.

  2. Have a threesome with another man/woman.

  3. Let someone of the same sex give you oral.

  4. Have sex on the beach, or some other public place.

  5. Bring a toy like a vibrator to a public place, like a movie theater, or other place of business, and use it while no one is looking.

  6. Go a whole day without underwear/bra.

  7. Cross dress, or dress up in costumes and role play.

  8. Call up an old girlfriend/boyfriend and ask them to participate in a threesome.

  9. Take your bra off in a public place.

  10. Have sex while playing porn at high volume with the windows wide open.

  11. Give anal-style oral to him/her.

  12. Lick both of his or her toes, then suck on them.

  13. Pour chocolate all over him/her then lick it off inch-by-inch.

  14. Masturbate for a webcam/porn website.

  15. Run through the house naked for 2 minutes.

  16. Scream his/her name at climax.

  17. Slosh cum around his/her mouth before swallowing.

  18. Do the weirdest thing sexually that you've ever wanted to do.

  19. Invite friends over to watch you and your partner have sex.

  20. Have a contest to see who can come the fastest.

With all the sexual truth or dare questions listed above, do you get the gist of playing this game?


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