After I decide to move out of my parent’s house and start living independently, I have received a lot of advice on cleaning dishes, doing the laundry and how to get along with the neighbors. Advice differs from one another, but there was one thing they argue most about -- if it is a good idea to move in with my best friend.

So, Should I Live with My Best Friend?

This is actually a personal decision and you have the final say, but living with your best friend is a big decision and there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Some say that living with a best friend is a good idea because best friends will eventually treat each other like family. But others say that everything may start good and fun at first but will fall apart and ruin the friendship in the end. If you are facing the same issue, keep on reading until the end as I’ve listed the different pros and cons of living with your best friend.

Moving In with a Best Friend Can Be the Worst Idea


It’s not a pajama party

Having a pajama party with your best friends can be fun. But living together every day and night is a different situation because you still have tasks during the day and you still need personal space. Having someone always around when you want a “me time” is not cute.


Conflicts can pile up

You need to agree that you won’t get emotional every time you face conflicts. But what if your best friend is used to crying all night every time you have fights because she knows that you are the most understanding best friend? Can you deal with this the whole year?


It’s hard to set boundaries

If you are asking "Should I live with my best friend?" and you know that you’re not comfortable sharing your personal belongings with anyone, then the answer is no because setting boundaries with your best friend can be difficult.


You need to have the same financial goals

Here comes the end of the month and you need to settle your bills. If your best friend is not good at budgeting and always falls short in giving her share for the apartment, this can be a problem and the start of your arguments.


Your lifestyle has to change

Problem rises if you don’t have the same habits. For example, you are someone who wants everything to be in place while your best friend is like a skinning snake that leaves her dirty clothes anywhere she changes. So, "Should I live with my best friend?" The answer is a big "No".


You might live co-dependently

Living with your best friend can be the most exciting idea. And since you are comfortable with each other, you might become co-dependent which will rob you the opportunity to meet new people.


You discover new personalities of your best friend

You think you know your best friend from the tip of her nail to the last strand of her hair? Think again. There are traits of a person you’ll discover only when you start living under the same roof. Who dares to say what you will find?

Living with a Best Friend Is the Greatest Choice


You can have parties at the convenience of your home

Are you still thinking "Should I live with my best friend?" One of the advantages of living with your best friend is that you can have spontaneous parties when everyone’s home. No need to splurge so much on bars because you can have the party at home.


You don't have to eat alone

Another perk of living with your best friend is learning how to cook a meal especially if your best friend is a great cook. Or if both of you are not great in the kitchen, you have someone to share a take-out food with.


You can always find someone to talk to

"Should I live with my best friend?" This is another reason why you should. Remember the last time you were looking for someone to talk to when you and your ex had a bad breakup? Your roommate, aka your best friend, is automatically available for you. 


You don’t have to do chores alone

Being with your best friend will also mean not having to do all the chores alone. Instead, you’ll have fun while doing chores together. Imagine having a backup singer who sings out of tune while doing the dishes.


You encourage each other

One great thing about living with your best friend is that you motivate each other. If your best friend loves to exercise, you’ll be most likely to exercise too. If your best friend is studious, you’ll also get motivated to study well.


You’re always excited to see each other

When you have to go home over the weekend, you will always be excited to go back to your apartment and see each other again. This makes your friendship stronger and more genuine.


You can have surprise road trips

If you are still in the dilemma of "Should I live with my best friend?" another advantage of doing so is enjoying spontaneous road trips from time to time. You don’t have to make a reservation for their day because your best friends are just a room away.


You can enjoy a movie marathon together

Aside from talking and laughing until morning, movie marathons are also great reasons for moving in with your best friend. What can be more exciting than having your own place and having so much fun with your best friend and roommate?


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