Guys can be quite thick when it comes to expressing their emotions, be it to friends, families or the ones they like. This is exactly why you’re looking up for signs a guy likes you but just won't admit it. Because you believe he likes you – but you aren’t 100% sure. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Signs a Guy Likes You But Won't Admit It

We’ve already established that guys suck at expressing their feelings, so what are certain signs you can lookout for, which tell you how he really feels about you?

Watch out for eye contact

The thing is, people don’t maintain eye contact especially for very long with people they don’t like. So if in every conversation he maintains strong eye contact with you, congratulations! He’s interested. And while you’re at it, check his pupils as well. Dilated pupils are a dead giveaway that he’s into you.


He tells a joke and…

Looks at you immediately for a reaction. He wants to make you laugh and he wants to know if his joke worked…. or fell flat.


He behaves differently around you

This one works if you have a few mutual friends. You will notice how his behavior with them is remarkably different than when he’s just with you. And that’s because he doesn’t view you as a friend – he views you as a potential partner and that’s exactly how he treats you.


He gently teases you

Different guys have different methods of expressing themselves. Some are very open about it, while others use indirect means to show how they feel. One of the more subtle signs a guy likes you but won't admit it is when he teases you in a playful, not mean, manner. This tactic is generally employed by young guys, but there’s no rule that says socially awkward men can’t tease the women they’re interested in!


See how his friends react

When you’re with him and you bump into his friends or they show up a little later, then keep an eye out for how they react when he talks to you or when he’s spoken to you and goes back to his gang of friends. Are they teasing him or pulling his leg? Is he blushing or looking embarrassed by their behavior? Is he glancing back at you, hoping you didn’t hear what his friends said to him about you? Do his friends give each other knowing looks whenever he’s in your company? If the answer to even one of these questions is yes, then he’s definitely into you.


He makes accidental touches

Now assuming the guy’s not a perv, he’ll try to get as close to you as he can. And some guys choose to express themselves by getting a little physical. Not inappropriately, of course. You’ll notice he touches your hand, shoulder or waist a little more than most guys do. Or maybe he brushes accidentally against your arm a little too often. Signs like these make it quite obvious he likes you.


He responds to your touches

If he’s too shy to get a little physical with you or if you still doubt how he feels, then you make the move! See how he reacts when you touch him. Does he immediately cringe or flinch? Does he act surprised or embarrassed? Does he move in to get closer to you? Do keep in mind that a shy guy will flinch or be taken by surprise if you get to close to him, so don’t hold that against him.


Pay attention to his body language

Leaning towards you when he talks to you, keeping his body and feet positioned towards you, maintaining solid eye contact, laughing when you crack a joke, getting a little close to you on the pretext of not being able to hear you even when you know he can hear you perfectly fine… all of these are very obvious signs he likes you.


He’s all smiles

As already mentioned, guys don’t emote much so if he’s being Mr. Smiley Face when he’s with you it’s because you genuinely make him happy, and he’s showing clear signs a guy likes you but won't admit it no matter due to shyness or something else.


No phones, just you

Sometimes, respect is vital in any relationship. And what better way of respecting you, your time and your presence by turning his phone on silent or completely switching it off when he’s with you? He wants to give you his undivided attention, because you’re that important to him.


He notices changes in your appearance

Again, if you’re just another person or friend to him, why would he even notice anything you've changed about yourself? He won’t. However, if he likes you, then he pays great attention to your appearance. So even the slightest changes by you will be noticed by him. Speaking of which…


He actually listens when you talk

This means he’ll remember those tiny details you don’t even remember telling him. And that’s because everything you tell him is an important piece of information about you that helps him understand you better. So don’t be surprised if he’s able to perfectly recollect what you wore or said on a certain day.


He initiates most conversations

Assuming he isn’t the obsessive or possessive type who needs to know where you are every minute of the day, if he is initiating conversations, it means he wants to talk to you. Why? Because he wants to know more about you, and also because the smallest texts from you make his day! Guys don’t make such efforts for just about any girl, so if he’s doing this with you, then he’s showing signs a guy likes you but won't admit it.


He’s suddenly interested in your interests

Same logic as above – why would he even bother doing this if you weren’t someone special for him? If you find he’s suddenly started asking questions about your favorites – music artists, bands, TV shows, movies, etc. then he's not only trying to know you better, but he’s also finding ways to make communication easier with you by having more mutual topics of your interest to discuss with you.


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