It’s fantastic being friends with a dude. You get to see things from a vastly different perspective that women are often unable to offer to you. But the beautiful friendship that you so treasure could face rocky times ahead if he likes you more than a friend. And this is something that you have been worrying over for a little while now, haven’t you?

Except you have no idea how to even know whether he likes you as a friend, or more. But don’t worry, here are some fantastic ways to observe signs a guy likes you more than a friend. These can definitely help you make up your mind more easily.

Signs a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend


Sudden changes in behavior

It’s also entirely possible that these changes were not sudden, but gradual. However, you only noticed them one fine day and since then, you can’t help but see how his actions and expressions have deviated from how he normally reacts and expresses himself. A lot of these changes aren’t even conscious – it’s just that when you’re attracted to someone, you’re just wired to behave differently in their presence. It is his subconscious signaling you that he’s totally interested in you.


Physical interactions have increased

Of course, one reason could be that he’s got more comfortable in your presence. And the more comfortable you are with someone, the less you hesitate from expressing your affections to them physically, yes? Except, women can often intuitively understand which touches are meant just for friends, and which are meant for more than friends. For example, shoulders and wrists are places often touched by friends. However, hair, face and waist are places touched by people who are romantically interested in you.


Eye contact

Maintain steady eye contact is necessary when forging connections and relationships with human beings. It’s simply an unconscious action of ours, meaning we have no control over it. So if you’ve found he has increased his eye contact with you, that could be one of the signs a guy likes you more than a friend. If at all possible, try and get a look at his pupils when you’re at it. Dilated pupils are often a sign of attraction. And again, this is something he cannot control.


You always have his attention

You can be among a crowd of people, with a group of mutual friends or just with him. And in every single scenario, he will always shower you his attention without going overboard, or being creepy about it. He will often keep his phone on silent or switch it off altogether, and may or may not stare at you when you’re looking away.


He preens

This trait can often be found among birds, insects and even mammals in the animal kingdom. Preening is an activity indulged by several species across the animal kingdom in order to attract a mate. In human terms, that would mean him consciously (or even subconsciously) doing things that would make him appear better groomed in front of you. This would include activities like brushing his hair, straightening his tie, tucking his shirt in, cleaning his face with a wipe after every bite he eats etc.


Body language

Sometimes, the clearest signs a guy likes you more than a friend are given by his body. All you have to do is simply keep a sharp eye out for how he behaves.

  • He licks his lips: Regularly or constantly licking one’s lips is a sign of nervousness. And people don’t get nervous in the company of “just friends”.

  • Smile: He smiles a lot more than he normally does.

  • His feet: When he’s sitting or standing, his toes will always be facing you.

  • Tilting his head: If he does so when you’re telling him something, it means he’s paying attention.

  • Belt adjusting: He is subconsciously trying to draw your attention to his penis – in an effort to get you sexually interested in him.



Simply put, mirroring is when he subconsciously starts copying your actions. For example, he will laugh when you laugh, scratch his neck when you scratch yours, or drink his coffee only when you drink yours. It’s just his body trying to make you feel more comfortable by simply repeating your actions.


Being a perfect gentleman

One of the clearest signs a guy likes you more than a friend is when he goes out of his way to treat you like a lady. Stuff like holding the door open for you, pulling your chair before you are seated, letting you pay the bill for the dinner you two had (thus respecting your wishes), seeing you off till your apartment….it is little gentlemanly gestures like these that speak volumes about a man, as well as his romantic interest in the woman he is with.


Showing sudden interest in your love life

If he never showed an interest in your past, but now has started asking sneaky questions about your lovers, exes or the length of your relationships, it’s because he’s trying to understand the kind of relationship you’re looking for. And why would he do that? Because he’s interested in you, of course. Such questions are often followed by questions on:


Your perfect guy/date

He’s trying to compare himself to your ideal guy in order to improve on areas that he lacks. And if he asks you about your perfect date, then he’s already made up his mind about asking you out. It’s just a matter of when he does that.


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