The thing about emotions is that it’s never an exact science, especially when it comes to emotions like love and attraction. Because what might be attractive for one guy might be a turn off for the other. But here’s the thing – once you know how to keep an eye out for signs a man is attracted to you sexually, you don’t have to sit at home, wondering whether or not he’s into you. You can be completely sure of his feelings.

Signs Your Man Is Attracted to You Sexually

Please know that these signs aren’t a 100% indication that a man is attracted to you sexually. Despite that, the points mentioned below can be said to be a fair summation of the signs that an average man would show:

He’s well groomed

Society has taught men that it’s okay to be slobs (cleaning up is for ladies, ya know) which is why the average man wouldn’t take as good care of himself as the average woman. So if you’ve noticed that he’s suddenly cleaned up his act, then there’s no doubt there’s something on that man’s mind. And what could it be? Simple – he’s trying to impress you because he’s attracted to you. And extension of this point would be…


He wears cologne

If you can smell his cologne from a mile away, it’s possibly because he has no idea what the correct amount is, and that’s because he’s seldom had the opportunity to use it before! And why is that? Because he never felt the need to impress someone, duh!


He cleans his apartment when you come over

This is one of the clearest signs a man is attracted to you sexually. Of course, the guy could be someone who doesn’t like to live like a slob. But chances are greater that he cleaned up his place just for you. And if he’s taking such efforts, he’s definitely interested in taking things further with you.


He remembers the little things

Again – remembering the little things in conversations is something expected of women by society, which is why most guys wouldn’t bother with them. However, if he shows a remarkable memory about the smallest of details that you’ve mentioned to him in the past, especially stuff you don’t even mention telling him, then you can be assured he is physically attracted by you. How? Simple – he wants to prove to you that he knows you as a person and sees you as beyond someone with a hot body.


He speaks in a deeper voice

Women tend to speak in higher pitches and men in deeper pitches when in the presence of someone they’re attracted to. It’s biology and you’re free to look into it once you’re done with this article! But since it’s a subconscious thing a man does when he likes a woman, you can be certain that he’s not faking his interest in you.


He gets close to you

And I do mean that very literally. Whenever you guys are out on a date, he will always sit as close to you as possible, even if the seats in front of you are empty. That is nothing but his way of showing you that he’s interested in you sexually, and is just waiting for a positive signal from your end. If you want to test this theory, do one thing.

The next time he’s sitting close to you, just casually shift a little away from him. If he too follows you and shifts his position slightly to be closer to you, then you have your answer – he’s showing signs a man is attracted to you sexually.


He leans in

Some men aren’t that brash or confident, so they take the more subtle route. He might not sit next to you, but he will lean in as closely towards you as he can. At office, this could translate in slouching over your workstation, or resting his one elbow on the wall of the cubicle while leaning in towards you when talking to you.


He strokes his hair

Just like women play with their hair when they’re interested in a man, men stroke their hair. It’s a subconscious behavioral trait (until and unless he’s a very manipulative guy) which indicates that he’s into you (or that you’ve intimidated him so much) that he’s become nervous in your presence.


He stares at you

Eye contact is essential when creating or maintain any relationship, so if he seldom breaks eye contact when talking to you, it means he’s super interested in you. It also means he’s giving you the respect you deserve when you’re in his presence, by giving you his undivided attention.

Now, if his eyes drift to your legs, chest, lips or even your hair, you can be sure that he’s assessing you physically. And if he still shows interest in you, it means he’s showing signs a man is attracted to you sexually.


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