He loves you, he loves you not. So while you’re sitting at your home plucking the leaves of a poor little flower to decide whether or not he loves you, how about you do something a little more practical? Why don’t you look out for signs that he doesn't love you so that you don’t have to torture yourself and that poor flower to get the information that you really want?

Signs He Doesn't Love You

Keeping an eye out for such signs isn’t as tough as it would seem. But if you’re still unsure, don’t worry. Watch out for the following signs:

He’s not curious about your life

See the thing is, if he loves you, then he wants to know everything about you. What you eat for breakfast, what time you go to bed, who your friends are, and which is your favourite TV series. That’s because he’s interested in you and no information is too much for his heart. However, if you feel that he doesn’t show the slightest interest in you or your life, then be warned.


He lies to you

There are two types of lying: one that’s done to protect you or your feelings, and the other that’s done to intentionally deceive you for one’s own personal gains. And if you’ve noticed that he’s constantly lying to you about the smallest things, then he sure doesn’t love you.


He flirts with other women

And he does that in front of you. This is one of those very clear signs he doesn't love you. It may be not that he’s disrespecting you, but that he doesn’t even know how you feel for him, so cut him slack. If he just treats you as a friend, he doesn’t hesitate to discuss other women with you as well.


He doesn’t respect you

Love and respect go hand in hand. There’s no denying in that. And if you have noticed he constantly cuts you off in the middle of your sentences, doesn’t treat you as an equal or makes fun of you in front of mutual friends, doesn’t communicate with you, etc. then this is a man who doesn’t love you.


There’s barely any physical contact

Sure, hugging when you meet each other is good, but does he do that with all of his other female friends as well? If yes, then how does that set you apart? It doesn’t. There is also no hand holding, no accidental brushing or even so much as an official handshake. Ouch!


He’s always busy

Sure, everybody’s busy these days. But come on, we always take time to hang out with friends and loved ones. This is about priorities. And if he’s too busy to see you as much as you’d like him to, that’s okay. But if he’s too busy for you ALL the time, ladies, take the hint.


He treats you like everyone else

If you’re looking out for signs he doesn't love you, then this is another sign easy to spot. He treats you just like he treats all of his friends. Nothing more, nothing less. For example, he spends the same time with you as he does with his other friends.


He seldom contacts you first

If he’s in love, he’ll want to be in touch with you as much as he can to find out what you are doing, even if you’re too busy to respond. But if you’re the one who’s always messaging him first or making plans to meet up, then he does not truly love you.


You two are never alone

A quiet romantic dinner? Nope. An evening at the bar just having fun? Nope. Late nights at the office where everybody’s left except you two? Nope. What's more, when you’re with him, you always have a group of his friends to hang out with as well. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t love you and thus doesn’t feel the need to be alone in your company.


He doesn’t notice your appearance

It should be a major hint to you if he doesn’t notice when you dress up well or do something special to your looks. Like, come on! Everybody would notice if a girl who wore nude lipstick day in and out suddenly started wearing red lipstick, right? And who wouldn’t notice pink highlights on blonde hair? But yeah, he’s oblivious to your physical appearance.


More signs he doesn't love you

  • He will discuss professional things with you, or talk about mutual friends or even something as boring as politics. Everything except anything romantic.

  • No teasing or flirting with you.

  • Doesn’t bother knowing about your male friends.

  • Compliments from him are generic like “Good job!” instead of “Oh my God Alissa, you’re so awesome! Congratulations!”

  • Eye contact with him doesn’t last long.

  • He doesn’t invite you to important social functions in his life.

  • You know nothing about him, his family or his life history. Nothing at all.

  • It doesn’t make a difference to him if you’re with him, or not there with him.

  • He doesn’t bother asking why you didn’t show up in classes or at work the one day you didn’t show up.


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