By the looks of relationships failing left, right and centre, it would appear that every guy out there has a problem being honest with his girl about wanting to end the relationship. One of the major problems is that an increasingly high number of men have started having affairs on the side. Most of the time, their girlfriends are devoted but clueless women who have NO idea their men have a chick on the side. But whatever the reason – women deserve to know when they’re being cheated on in a committed relationship. And if he is not going to tell you, then it’s up to you to keep an eye out for signs he is having an affair.

Signs He Is Seeing Someone Else

It does not matter what he says. What matters is what he does and how he does it. If you doubt your man is cheating on you, the following points will help cement your suspicions.

He’s crazy protective of his phone

I mean yeah sure, he’s entitled to his privacy. But why the fuck would he be so fiercely protective of it, going to great lengths to ensure you don’t get your hands on his phone? And he’ll always throw the “you don’t trust me” card at you. But hey, trust is a two-way street. If he doesn’t trust you with his phone, you shouldn’t trust him either, especially if he has started taking his phone to the loo, and it’s always password protected.


You aren’t on his social media

Maybe that’s because the other chick is there and it would be super awkward to have the girlfriend as well as the woman on the same profile, don’t you think?


You two aren’t “serious”

And he’ll make it a point to emphasise this point to you as well as in front of everybody else. Words like “we’re just having fun” or “it’s casual” or “it’s nothing serious” will be found often in his vocabulary. If you two are on a different page, talk it out with him. Maybe he’s having commitment issues. Or maybe, he’s trying to feel less guilty for his actions – cheating on you. This is one of the more subtle signs he is seeing someone else that most women often skip.


He has new habits

Which is okay, because we all evolve. But if his actions have become inexplicable, baffling or erratic, be careful. It would most likely mean he’s hiding something from you. And you have every right to ask him what’s going on. Don’t let him guilt you into thinking that you’re being obsessive or suspicious. A woman’s instincts are seldom wrong.


He’s suddenly started working a lot of late nights

His excuse might be that he’s up for a promotion and that his boss is testing him. But come on. What kind of boss asks his employee to work till 1 in the morning every day? No sane one, that’s for sure. A variation could be that he’s suddenly being called away on a lot of out of town “business” trips.

If he’s in constant touch with you during those trips or late nights and you guys often talk on Skype or FaceTime, you don’t have to worry as much. But if he asks you to refrain from texting him completely, you should have a second thought about your relationship.


More work lunches/dinners/parties

Girl, come on. You’re not that stupid, are you?


You don’t know anybody from his side

Alright sure, new relationships mean that introducing to friends or peers is kept on the backburner. But if you’ve been together for months and he’s yet to introduce you to anybody, be careful. It’s possible that he’s not serious about you, or he’s introduced the other girl to his friends as his girlfriend which means that this time you’re the chick on the side. Or he introduces you as his friend. What's the absolute fuck? Dump him right now, because nobody makes out with their friends.


He’s quick to respond, except when he’s not quick to respond

This is one of the more suspicious signs he is seeing someone else. He always responds to your texts whenever he receives them, and even when he doesn’t, he apologises for being busy or preoccupied. This is okay. But have you noticed how he “disappears” in between? Sometimes it is hours and sometimes it is days. Even if you send him 100 texts during this time, he’ll only respond when it’s all “over”. You always buy his shit ton of excuses, but maybe it’s time to consider that he disappears off regularly so that he can meet a chick on the side.


You guys don’t visit certain places

At his insistence, of course. Like that new Italian restaurant in town that everybody is raving about, except him. Maybe that’s because it’s a favorite hangout for him and his girl, and everybody there recognize those two by face.


He doesn’t give straight answers

That’s most probably because he isn’t smart enough to invent lies on the spot when you ask him about, say, his phone or his inexplicable disappearances. Variations include:

  • He answers with questions. It’s a very common tactic used by those evading answers.

  • He becomes defensive when you question him.

  • He blames you for not trusting him, being suspicious or jealous, etc.


You start arguing more

And in your arguments, you’re always in the wrong and he’s always the victim. This generally ensues a lot of false accusations from his end. Cheating partners tend to lie that they’re cheating because serious flaws in their primary partner i.e. you, which is why such aggressive behaviour is quite the norm.


Your sex life is different

And you don’t know why. I mean of course with the passage of time, every couple becomes less and less interested in sex. And that’s NORMAL. However, if you’re noticing that he’s finding excuses for not having sex, be careful. It might also be because he’s having sex with the other girl a lot and doesn’t have the energy to have sex with you.

On the flip side, a cheating partner could also suddenly become more creative in the sack, because he’s been trying new things with the other girl, and he wants to experiment those things with you as well.

Depending on the nature of your man, the signs he is seeing someone else could differ as well. You’re the one who has to be smart and keep an eye out for those signs.


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