When you’re in love, you feel on top of the world; you feel invincible and believe the stars have finally aligned in your life to give you so much happiness. But what happens when he starts showing signs he no longer loves you? Your entire world comes crashing down, and you begin reading too much into every move and action of his. Everything he says, everything he doesn’t say – you go crazy interpreting what he really could have meant.

Signs He No Longer Loves Me


He says “I love you” a lot less

Perhaps he’s shortened it to “Love ya” or perhaps, he’s stopped saying it completely. You don’t even remember when this change started to show, but now it has become glaringly obvious. And even when he does rarely say those three magical words, you feel a knot inside your stomach because you can see clear as day that he doesn’t mean what he says. He’s saying it more out of force of habit.


When you say “I love you”, he…

Doesn’t respond like he used to. He’ll force out robotic statements like “Love you too” or “Me too”. In some cases, he might just smile or outright avoid saying anything in his heart because all that he used to feel about you has slowly vanished over time. He doesn’t smile anymore when you tell him you love him – he just smiles politely or even sometimes looks plain uncomfortable.


Communication has broken down

There used to be a time when you were the first person he’d call or text whenever he wanted to share something he’s excited about. But lately, you aren’t even the last person to get to know anything. You find out about new developments from his friends or family, and that has hurt you deeply.


Your relationship is stuck in a rut and…

He’s made no efforts to get out of this rut. You two wake up, get ready, say your byes, work, come back home, have dinner, watching something on the TV together (or on your laptops separately), then go off to sleep. Rinse and repeat. Every single day. The relationship has become less of a relationship and more of a chore.

There’s a difference between being comfortable in your relationship, and being stuck in a rut. And you’re adult enough to know the difference between the two. You can see him pulling away.

It’s either because he has given up on things ever improving between you two, or because he’s made up his mind about breaking up with you. And both are very alarming thoughts.


Your problems aren’t fixed, but…

Shoved under the carpet. I mean, how can a couple who doesn’t even communicate, sort their issues out? During or after arguments, he couldn’t care less about what happens to the issue you were arguing over in the first place.


He starts arguments over the most ridiculous of things

What’s odd is that he wasn’t like this in the beginning. He was sweet, patient and thoughtful. But lately, it’s almost as if he’s looking for reasons to fight with you.

Conversely, he might just>


Give you the silent treatment

“What are the signs he no longer loves me?” you wonder. Some people dislike confrontations, or often feel that arguing would amount to nothing. In such situations, they often choose to remain silent. And if he maintains silence even when you’re shouting at the top of your lungs, all the time, then it surely indicates something.


You haven’t discussed your futures in a while

There used to be a time when you two would excitedly discuss your futures, your plans and your goals. You talked about where you’d buy a house and what kinda pet you would keep. But over time, talks of your futures kept on dwindling to the point where the topic hasn’t even been touched in weeks, if not months.


You’re putting in all the efforts…

To make things work. I mean, at this point, it’s kinda like bringing a dead dog back to life, wouldn’t you agree? A relationship takes two people to thrive and when it’s only one person making the effort to keep things alive, it’s time for you to see things for what they really are. Everything seems forced, you’re unhappy and you need to simply accept that he’s showing signs he no longer loves me.


You haven’t had sex in a while

It would be normal if sex was restricted to maybe once a week since the very inception of your relationship. But that isn’t the case, is it? You used to not only have sex very frequently, but he’d insist on going at it again and again till you couldn’t take it anymore! But of late, you’ve noticed how it is he who refuses to have sex. And the most likely scenario is because he’s lost interest in you. Or that he’s cheating on you. Or both!


He doesn’t care if your feelings are hurt

This coming from the same guy who would go to the ends of the earth to ensure you wouldn’t shed a tear. And it’s not like he intends to hurt you – you can often see he regrets what he says and he might even apologize for his words. But the damage has been done, hasn’t it? Especially seeing how such ‘accidents’ have been increasing in number in the past many weeks.


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