It is important to have love in a relationship, but it is equally important to ensure that you two respect each other. If there is respect in a relationship, it keeps working even when that initial flame of lust and love has sputtered out. The way your man treats you in front of others and how he behaves when you are around will tell you how much respect he has for you. It is usually easier to tell if he has any regard for you, but you can be more certain by looking for some signs he respects you. Let's find out more about the signs that really tell how much your man truly values you.

12 Signs That Show He Respects You


He Values Your Opinion

Saying that he loves you is not enough; he should also listen to your opinions about different things. Understand that a relationship works well when your partner is willing to listen to your opinions as well. When he asks you about your opinions before making some decisions about his life, it means that he has a special place for you in his life. Even if he calls the shots, he should give you the opportunity to share your thoughts.


He Agrees to Disagree

As mentioned already, it is important that your man values your opinions, but it is equally important that he does not get angry or feel bad when there is a difference of opinion. If he respects your point of view, it means he really values your input. He should be able to tolerate the disagreements, and if he is good at it, it is one of the many signs he respects you.


He Never Dictates You

Another important sign that he respects you is that though he is always by your side and keeps you from making wrong choices, he never tries to dictate things or change who you are. It actually means that he should give you some space to make your own decisions and choices.


He Shares Everything with You

It actually means that he trusts you so much that he does not mind sharing his insecurities, his past, and everything else that would otherwise not share with anyone. He is always ready to give you a straightforward answer to everything you ask. He respects you and knows that you will understand everything he says.


He’s Not the Jealous Type

It means that he encourages you to use your skills to succeed and when you actually get there, he never becomes jealous of your success. He also respects you if he lets you go anywhere even when he is not around. He trusts you a lot and never feels insecure even when you are around other guys, including colleagues and friends.


He Always Backs You Up

No matter what decisions you make, you know your man is going to be on your side. It shows that he respects you and knows you have considered everything before making a choice. He never questions you and he believes what you are saying is always true. He never insults you because your dignity is of immense importance to him. This is one of the important signs he respects you.


He Believes In Your Abilities

He respects your opinions and knows you have the abilities to make your dreams come true. He never questions your judgment and never makes you change your decision just because he thinks the other choice seems more reasonable.


He Talks About the Future of Your Relationship

Anytime you want to talk about your future, he is always there willing to play his part and share his thoughts. He does not mind answering this important question and tells you honestly what place you have in his life.


He Is Proud Of You

Another sign he respects you is that he feels proud of what you have achieved in life or what your goals are. Every decision you make and how you do your bit to make things work inspire him to love and respect you more. He is also willing to speak out how proud he feels about your achievements.


He Respects Your Physical Boundaries in Bed

Know that he respects you a lot when he honors your wishes, especially when it comes to your body. If you are not comfortable with something when you are in bed with him, you should be able to explain it to him and he should respect that. He should be willing to make adjustments when you want him to change course.


He Encourages You to Take Risks

One of the many signs he respects you is that he is always there to encourage you no matter how challenging the situation is. He wants you to succeed and always works as a reliable team member. Moreover, he never discourages you or embarrasses you in front of others by contradicting you in any way.


He Behaves Like a Gentleman When Disagreements Happen

It is natural to have a difference of opinion when you two are together. Yes, things can become heated too, but your man should still treat you with respect. He is a true gentleman if he never uses any derogatory names or resorts to physical violence when you both are raging at each other.


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