In today's day and age, it has become increasingly difficult to have friendships that can stand the test of time. All around we see relationships crumbling, be it's between a couple, friends, families, colleagues...... This is why when we get someone we can trust, we stick to that friendship. But sometimes it's better off to be alone than be in the company of people who are simply pulling you down.

Signs of a Bad Friend

Sometimes, it can be easy to know who a good friend is, and who isn’t. But sometimes, the signs are a lot more subtle. Keep an eye out for the following 7 points:

You're always the victim

Between friends, a lot of leg pulling and cracking jokes happen. And quite honestly, it's considered normal. But what is not normal is when you are constantly the butt of all jokes, when you are being made fun of constantly, and when you are being bullied over and over again. Not by all your friends but one or two people who you think are your friends. Constant humiliation is not a price you should pay for friendship. You really are better off alone and this is one of the clearest signs of a bad friend.


They trash-talk the people you like

Sometimes the bullying is not for you but involves the people you are closest to. That may be your friends, family or even someone you have a crush on. Does your friend constantly make fun of how stupid your parents are? Does she constantly tell you that your boyfriend is no good? Does he always call your girlfriend a hoe, even though you know for a fact that she is the most loyal person you have ever had in your life? If the answers to all these questions, or at least questions similar to these ones, are yes, then you are in the company of bad friends.


They never keep your secrets

This is one of the easiest signs of a bad friend that you can spot. Now don't get us wrong – every once in a while almost every human being has spilt beans they weren't supposed to. But to have friends do that to you all the time? It’s wrong. Do you feel you cannot trust them with your secrets because they won't be able to keep them? Now you may go out of your ways to defend them by telling yourself that this is who they are. But if they cannot respect your secrets, something that you hold close to your heart, how can you really expect them to respect you?


They never own up to their mistakes

This behavior is common among children, pre-teens or even teens. Sometimes, adults also indulge in this behavior. And that's ok so long as it is done every once in a while. But if your friend is constantly incapable of owning up to the mistakes, especially when they can get you into trouble, it is time to re-evaluate your relationship with them. If they are going to put their interests before yours all the time, how good friends could they really be?


They guilt you into doing things

Clear signs of a bad friend include this! Here's the deal. Absolutely nobody in this world has the rights to guilt you into doing something you don't want to. Except your parents. But if your friends hold above your head the one time they came to your rescue, and keep on using that as leverage to make you do whatever they want for the next 10 years, then that is definitely a sign of a bad friend. While friendship is based on the principle of give and take, it is not based on the principle of guilt and force.


You cannot be yourself with them

If you feel that you are constantly being judged by your friends and, as a result, you cannot be who you truly are in their presence, then it's time to stop and think. Now don't get us wrong: all of us are expected to maintain a facade of politeness and being charming, especially when in public. But when you're with your friends, you should be able to say and do whatever you want to say and do. You want to dye your hair pink? Go ahead. You want to date the nerdy girl from college? Go ahead. If your friends are constantly pulling you back or judging you for your life decisions, then they are showing signs of a bad friend.


They expect themselves to be your No. 1 priority

Every once in a while it's OK to drop all your plans to hang out with your friends. People who work 9-to-5 jobs will know and understand this feeling. But if your friends expect you to drop all your plans at the drop of a hat simply to meet them, then there's something wrong with your relationship. You should not be forced to choose between the two, especially if it happens whenever they want to meet you.


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