Every lady needs a gentleman in her life who is supportive and respectful (two features lacking in our generation) and makes a lady’s life easier. While it is true that a gentleman is hard to find and every man out there claims to be one, a trained eye can pick one out from a crowd with little effort. There is no particular place where gentlemen spend time, but you could run into one in the gym or even on the street. The thing is they are everywhere and it is quite possible to identify them.

Signs of a Gentleman

A gentleman has certain characteristics which set him apart from your average Joe. Here are a few things to look for apart from a pretty face and deep pockets.

He walks closest to the curb

This is the most glaring sign of a gentleman. It is so charming because it says a lot about the man in question. Actions have always and will always speak louder than words. When a man walks closest to the curb, it shows that he is protective of a lady and that he cares about her safety among other things. Of course, if a car veers off the road, they would both go down. But it is not about the circumstances that would come after; it is about the fact that he would do his best to keep her out of harm’s way.


He is well-spoken

Another sign is that while he holds a lot of opinions about events and happenings around him, he is also confident about expressing his true feelings logically. He is clear in making a woman understand what he is talking about. There is almost nothing women detest more than a man who can't make his intention and meaning clear with words and it can be a real "turn-off" for a lady.


He is patient

A lot of men may not know that in their words and actions they, more often than not, push a woman to be physical. While being physical is an important part of a relationship, it is not the primary part and a gentleman understands this. He knows that pressuring a woman to be physical might hamper the progress of the relationship and he is too interested in her as a person to go down that path. If you don’t know how to tell the signs of a gentleman, one of them is that he is willing to wait for as long as it takes the woman to be ready for the physical part of a relationship.


He is well-mannered

A true sign of a gentleman is manners. In the movie Kingsman, we are made to understand that "manners maketh man"; whether it is having dinner or talking to her parents, he is always in good conduct. He chooses his words carefully and his demeanor is calm. Sure he is human and may be peeved in some occasions, but even in his dissatisfaction, he is respectful to all involved and a lady never has to worry that he will embarrass her by speaking out of turn.


He listens to her

The signs of a gentleman don’t include rushing things. He calmly wants to know the woman he is with and asks her questions about her history, about her ambitions, and about life in general. He wants not just to know, but to understand how she thinks. This is much more important to him than getting her into bed. And apart from getting into her head, he lets her into his by sharing relevant information and airing his opinions about things. He is interested in making an intellectual connection with her, as well as an emotional one, not just a physical one.


He gets the lady to her door

Another biggie is right here. It doesn’t matter how early or how late it is, or how safe a neighborhood is, a gentleman will always make sure that she is back home safe. It is not enough to say "I wish you safe journey back home" or make up excuses (even if they are valid) for not being able to see her home. It is important for a woman to feel safe around a man, even if they are in a dangerous situation (that is why going to see horror movies makes for a good date). And seeing a lady to her door proves that her safety is his priority.


He is a Jack of all trades

One of the signs of a gentleman is that he knows a bit about everything. He may be no professional but he knows how to put a quick tasty meal together, can fix a plumbing issue before the plumber shows up, and knows what color goes well with another in terms of fashion. He can give work, business, relationship and fitness tips. He leaves a woman wondering things like "How does he learn to do all these things?" and "What time does he have to learn them?"


He respects women

One way of showing respect to women is never to talk down to them. A gentleman always gives women the benefit of the doubt. He stands his ground but never tries to dominate or manipulate women. He values their opinion and asks for it often; he believes women are of the same intellectual level. He values the emotional response of women and doesn’t use that as a reason to declare them to be weak.

Other Signs of a Gentleman to Bear in Mind


He backs up your dreams and goals, gives support and keeps you accompanied along the way.


He never turns his back to you when things go downhill and get tough.


He knows when to compromise to make you happy and maintain a healthy relationship.


He always put priority to his family.


He goes extra miles to help those around him, whether it is a loved one, or just some stranger.


He says exactly what is in his mind with a gentle tongue, straightforward and without all those manipulating games.


He has his own lifestyle, takes good care of himself and has certain interests and hobbies to make his life interesting.


He knows controlling is bad but he has the ability to control himself. Even when he is stressed, he can look cool to the last minute if needed.


He is gratitude and feels lucky to be here in this flawed but beautiful world.


He never gossips or speaks again an ex, and always gives you genuine complements.


He opens doors for a lady, gives her his jacket when it's cold, and stands up when she enters the room.


He is always on time or arrives ahead of time, so he won't keep the lady waiting.


He never hits a woman. It is part of a gentleman's nature never to be aggressive towards a woman.


He offers to pay the bill and even brings you little gifts for you on dates, at least at the first date.


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