True friendship is rare. The Reader’s Digest defined friendship as a togetherness of mind and purpose. Based on this definition many realize that there are not many "friends" around. What we have all together are colleagues, playmates and what have you. But a true friend is much more than a person who is only around when things are smooth; a true friend is not someone who sucks up to you and makes you happy. Instead, a friend is that person you can confide in and a true friend can be closer than family.

Signs of a True Friend


They are forgiving

Many people claim that they are forgiving, but they are not. You know a person is not forgiving when they remind you of a past misdeed just because they are offended. There is an old saying "forgive and forget"; this doesn’t necessarily mean that one forgets what happened, but it means letting go of the hurt of the past, and a true friend understands this. Once they say they have forgiven, there is nothing on earth that would make them bring up old wounds. Every day is a new day in the relationship.


They don’t judge

Judgment is defined as the excessive criticism of something or someone. It makes people recoil into their shell in a relationship and that is not one of the signs of a true friend. A true friend does not do that. A true friend understands that everyone makes mistakes and that no one is beyond redemption. Knowing this, they support and encourage at every turn. They never let their friends sulk due to a wrong doing and they do everything to help their friends out of the hole they may have dug themselves into. This encouragement and support make it easier to trust and confide in one another.


They have your back

A true friend is a backbone of any friendship. True friends frequently evaluate their friends in terms of life plans and achievements and have a way of being around at that critical moment where others may be too busy to notice you have a big turn in life. What's more, true friends are present and when they are with their friends, they are there. In the day and age where everybody is always on one social network or another, a true friend can hold a conversation without being distracted by the fancy world.


Out of sight is not out of mind

This is as close to the truth as it can be. Why is this so? Because one of the signs of a true friend is that they always keep in touch. In life people move around and you could find yourselves physically apart from one another, but there are friends who will always call, text and poke on Facebook to find out how you are doing and let you know that you are in their thoughts. They don’t have excuses as to why they can’t reach out. This kind of friends is invaluable.


The boost confidence

Let's face it, there are times when you just don't feel good; perhaps a disappointing issue is on your mind, for example, your body is not like what you've pictured it months ago. It happens to all of us. A friend would never let you stay downcast. A true friend lets you know that you are perfect just as you are. A confident person is unstoppable and having a true friend by your side is the boost you need to be confident and know that you are capable of accomplishing anything you want.


They mature over time

One of the signs of a true friend is having the ability to change us and make us want to be better in one way or another. True friends live by example and although they would never coarse their friends into any line of action, they live in such a way that you want to be more like them. It could be the way they talk, or the way they make us smile, or their ability to make decisions quickly. A true friend should have one or more qualities that make us believe we can be better.


They give unconditionally

"My thing is your thing". That is the kind of mentality a friend is to have, and this should be mutual. In a friendship, we should be able to give without expecting in return. And when we say "give" it doesn’t necessarily mean to give "tangible" gifts like money, a car, or a house. Your friends themselves may not afford these things, but they can give encouragement, a service for free and a compliment without holding back.


They create time for their friend

We are all busy in the 21st century, even if we are busy doing nothing. If you find yourselves always being too busy to spend time with a particular person, then you are not really his or her friend and it is high time you stop deceiving yourselves and that person in question. A true friend is never busy to the extent where their friends feel neglected. If they can’t make it to an appointment with their friends, they call in advance and explain the genuine reasons. This is because they value that friendship and it is a priority for them. So check if people in your circle possess any of these signs of a true friend.


They tell you when you are wrong

A true friend loves you and is forgiving but not stupid. They call out their friends when they are wrong and are doing something destructive. They would do anything to please a friend but not at the expense of someone else’s well-being, most especially not at the expense of their friend’s well-being. A true friend stands his or her ground and knows full well the distinction between right and wrong. A true friend is a fail-safe; they make sure that things will not go wrong and spoil due to ignorance on their part. They remain vigilant of their friend's conducts at all times.


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