Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain a serious relationship, much less a loyal one. With the barrage of “open minded” people in this world who increasingly have been coming to the defense of cheating (with each defense being more ridiculous than the other), it’s no wonder that cheating has become far more common than say, 5 decades ago. Accordingly, there are hundreds of ways to hide cheating, so what can one do to figure out if their partner cheats on them or not?

11 Signs of Guilt After Cheating

Even the best cheaters in the world exhibit guilt after cheating. And if you don’t know what they are, just glance through the list below:

He is more attentive than usual

This one’s a very common sign, and the easiest one to notice. If he’s been showering you with love, praises or even late gifts, you have to wonder what happened that made him behave in this over-affectionate manner! One possible answer: guilt.


He becomes negative about your relationship

Phrases like “If something happened to us, I would still love you like a friend." or “What would you do if I left you.” become increasingly common. This is a slight sign but still a good sign to be suspicious of.


He threatens to end the relationship

Such threats are usually doled out in the middle of fights or arguments. Cheaters do so because now they have an alternative, which they won’t hesitate to stick to if you behave in a manner that he doesn’t like.


He follows your steps on social media

He begins liking, retweeting or hearting every update of yours, and that’s made you suspicious. Why is he doing so? Simple – this is his own way of reconnecting with you, deluding him into believing that he’s still as close to you as he believes he is. Such signs of guilt after cheating are very common and easy to notice.


He becomes moody

There is a sudden change in his demeanour that is too odd and obvious for you not to notice. This may come from the emotional exhaustion of having to balance two relationships at once. More often than not, they will be sad around you or try to avoid you totally because of the guilt in their hearts. Similar signs include he stops communicating with you, doesn’t maintain a lot of eye contacts when talking. Or in the contrary, he may become overly excited towards whatever you do or say to cover his track and to balance out his guilt.


Offense becomes his defence

Because they know they are wrong, cheaters always justify their guilt by creating a scene out of a non-existent issue. Expect more fights and arguments, even when it’s no one’s fault. Such behaviours are more noticeable in people with big egos, as it becomes difficult for them to accept that they have made a huge mistake. For example, God forbid if you ask him out of concern why he returned home late the night before, or who he was texting this morning. You’ll be forced to face an onslaught of super aggressive defences.


Overreactions mean something

If something as casual as "Hey babe, what would I do if you cheated on me” results in she crying her eyes out or he quizzing you around, claiming how hurt she or he is and how you should never be this insensitive, take note. This is the guilty (and NOT the hormones) speaking. You partner will try to make a fuss to transfer her or his guilt to you and make YOU feel in the wrong for even asking such a question. This is one of those signs of guilt after cheating that can be difficult to spot. Do pay attention and be alerted when you notice this type of things.


He spends a lot of time... but not with you

He will prefer hanging out with his friends, office mates or even spending all the time on social media. Basically, being together with every person on the planet except you.


He no longer says "I Love You"

Those 3 words were the ones you heard first thing in the morning and the last thing before sleeping. But of late, he seldom tells you that he loves you. Of course, this is very common in long-term relationships (not because of cheating) because couples don’t feel the need to express their love to each other constantly and loudly. But if it is a new relationship, beware.


He blames you

In this blame game, you’ll always lose and everything seems to be your fault. Cheaters always want to justify their guilt; your cheating partner will manifest this by blaming you even when you’ve done no wrong, so that he can break even in this "guilt" game or feel better by making himself into a victim.


He tries too hard

This can surely be one of the signs of guilt after cheating because guilty people are almost always scared of being caught. In fact, they become obsessed with not giving you any chance to find out their affair, which in itself becomes a very obvious sign. For example, your boyfriend won’t let you touch his phone and even if you are in the same room with his phone, he will make up some excuse and take the phone far away from you. This way, you can’t find incriminating texts and photos on his phone.


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